• Start by submitting your AliveShoes application.

  • If we think you are a good fit for the AliveShoes program, we will notify you within 72 business hours.

  • If you are not accepted, it means we did not think you current experience or background was a good match with the program. But don’t get discouraged! You can always re-apply at a later stage.

  • If you are accepted, congratulations! It means you can now begin to design and sell your own shoes. Upon acceptance, you'll receive an official e-mail and gain access to the platform and design tools.

  • If you are already a member, you can log in here.

  • You can easily reset your password here.

  • Keep track of your progress through Your Dashboard’s check your progress section to stay current on where you’re at in the designing and selling process.

  • Once you gain access to the platform, you can use the available online tools to design your shoes. Start by naming your custom shoes project, choosing a base shoe silhouette, and then selecting colors and materials. Personalize the design for your custom shoes by adding a logo. Don’t have one? Either remove the logo option from your design or use our handy Logo Wizard to make your own. You can also customize your packaging using our Packaging Wizard. When your unique and custom shoes are ready, you can submit your design for 24-hour approval by our footwear team.

  • Design from an incredibly vast selection of base structures using our powerful online tools. Create fantastic sneakers, sport concepts, women’s fashion designs, classic men’s styles or kids shoe designs. See an example of styles in our gallery here.

  • Custom shoe designs are normally reviewed within 24 business hours by our footwear team.

  • If your custom design is not approved, our footwear team normally offers feedback and advice on how to make improvements. You can then rework your custom design and resubmit it for new approval, if you so choose.

  • You can upgrade your account to PRO for $99 (one-time, lifetime fee) and access amazing features to boost your line even further:
    Limited edition Materials: Access 50+ limited edition materials and patterns such as camouflage, jaguar print, zebra print, ostrich print, metal gold, snake print, glitter, crocodile print, premium textiles, fluo leathers and many others.
    Cruelty free vegan materials: Create completely eco-friendly and vegan designs with access to a wide selection of cruelty-free textiles and a selection of eco “leathers” in multiple colors.
    Limited edition Soles: Access 12 unique and highly exclusive sneaker soles such as fluorescent, camouflage, gold, silver, marble, glossy, recycled style and more.
    Limited edition Laces: Access an amazing set of 11 Limited edition Premium laces to enrich your shoe designs. From bold fluo combos to minimal and unique patterns.
    Limited edition designs: Access 20 additional premium shoe silhouettes with special constructions and limited-edition options.
    Women’s Fashion Collection: Access a wide Women collection with 27+ additional Women’s fashion shoe bases, including elegant pointy high heels, pump, wedges, flats, boots and more.
    Men’s Classic Collection: Access the full spectrum of design possibilities for Men with 17+ additional Men’s classic shoe bases, including moccasines, dress shoes, sneaker designs and more.
    Capsule Collections Access: Access the Capsule collections section, featuring unique and special design themes never seen before. Capsules are added regularly to match top market trends and the latest styles.
    White label upgrade: Make the shoes entirely yours, removing all AliveShoes logos and images from the insole, the packaging and invoices.
    Priority production upgrade: Jump to the front of the production lines. Get your custom shoes made even faster, shipping directly to customers in 6 to 12 business days—half the time of the regular 15- to 20-day production.
    Launch Multiple Shoes: Submit and publish up to 10 shoe designs at the same time, instead of just one.
    Brand page: Showcase your brand fully in a beautiful custom branded page featuring your own content and your shoes - all in one place.
    Create Unlimited Drafts: Create unlimited drafts of your designs (instead of the normal 10) and keep them saved on Your Dashboard.
    Upgrade your account to PRO here.

  • Once you have submitted and published a design, you can protect it. That means your shoe will officially become a Limited Edition (and have a unique limited edition code) and will be protected so that no one can duplicate that specific shoe design combination and name. The design will also be flagged as limited edition in your shop, so that your customers will be able to see this unique feature, see an example here. The Design Protection upgrade is available for $39 (one-time, life time fee) from Your Dashboard or from your custom e-shop option panel.

  • Visit Your Dashboard profile section to change your account settings and update password and account information.

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