The origin story

It all started with a nearly impossible idea. Connecting the oldest and best Italian shoe district to the world.


Three Italian co-founders and a winner idea
between artisan making and innovation


AliveShoes is an innovative platform that allows
consumers to design and sell their own shoes


AliveShoes has lofty ambitions to radically
re-invent the shoemaking process


Startup of the week: AliveShoes makes it easy
to design and sell shoes online


AliveShoes gives you many possibilities and
push shoe customisation a step further


Ranked #1 The future of
Fashion on Product Hunt

Free gateway to the shoe industry

We give anyone individual or company the power to create, purchase and distribute their own shoes.

The three key points of our technology:

  • Gateway-1 Web-based design tools used by 100.000 designers in 150 countries
  • Gateway-2 A custom e-commerce platform and advanced supply chain management tools
  • Gateway-3 Top-quality network of 25 shoemakers and service dealers based in Le Marche, Italy

SAINT TROPEZ By Michele Torresi

Our fantastic team

We are a team of 10 driven and talented people. We are super passionate about Fashion-tech, about shoes and about innovation. Our expertise are very wide: Tech, Design, Operations, Communications, Marketing, Quality Control, Logistics, Finance. We are in for the big and hard challenges and fully committed to connect the world with the shoe industry.

  • Luca

    Luca Botticelli

    Cofounder & CEO

  • Marco

    Marco Ferroni

    Cofounder & CTO

  • Michele

    Michele Torresi

    Cofounder & Chief designer

  • Marcom

    Marco Marcianesi

    Software engineer

  • Simone

    Simone Cardinali

    Production manager

  • Giuseppe

    Giuseppe Vindigni

    Customization manager

  • Dominique

    Dominique Valencia

    Customization assistant

  • Luisa

    Luisa G. Costa

    Community support manager

  • Fabiana

    Fabiana Doria

    Logistics manager

  • Lorenzo

    Lorenzo Lucchetti

    Jr. operation assistant

Interested in joining our team?


An amazing community of designers

Our designers community grows every day larger. It is very diverse in background and cultures. It includes find shoe lovers, fashionistas, designers, creative people, fashion companies, non-profits organisations, artists, brands, musicians and fashion entrepreneurs and much more. Together driven by the love to create, express and share more in their real life.
  • 76157 Designers on board
  • 165508 Designs done
  • 196 Countries
Our partners
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Our design and production HQ is located in Le Marche, Italy, in the middle of the shoe valley district in front of Prada and Tod’s facilities.That’s where most of the team work runs. We run operations internationally in three additional flexible offices in Milan, Amsterdam and San Francisco. We also work from remote.

  • amsterdam

    the netherlands
    European office
  • san francisco

    North American office
  • Le marche

    Main HQ, Footwear development
  • milan

    Italian office

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