Convicted Creations

We are a hemp and cannabis company trying to show our passion for a plant through every aspect of living

Made in Italy
Convicted Creations by Chris Martin

The Collection

One of a kind “The Hemp Chef” logo’d unisex shoe hand made of leather and suede

Custom crafted
Made in Italy

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About Chris Martin

Born in Virginia and bred in Kansas, former semi-pro baseball player and Chron’s disease sufferer Chris Martin doesn’t infuse just for a living, he does it to keep on living. Martin, founder of Hempful Farms, is a family man with five kids (three grown) who’s devoted to helping end Prohibition by showing the world how hemp can heal. A 26-year chef, Martin has opened ten restaurants, including four he co-owned. In 2009, he founded Zonka Bars, but ran afoul unclear medical marijuana laws, which prompted him to shift his focus from product-only to a sit-down restaurant. His cooking skills and Crohn’s disease diagnosis led him to open up Hempful Farms Cafe in 2014, with hopes of showing more people the healing power of cannabinoid-infused food. Martin’s time as a guest of the state forced his family to close the cafe and move the Hempful Farms production facility and retail store to north Phoenix in 2017. In quickly become one of the largest producers and processors of hemp-derived CBD, Martin now offers 50+ items while establishing multiple separate brands, including Weedless, Paw Puddy, and OG Zonka Farms. In latest news, Martin successfully partnered with publicly-traded American Green to feature Paw Puddy hemp CBD-infused pet foods and create a cannabis-focused tourism spot out of Nipton, CA. You can catch him on the weekends riding his Harley and rooting for the Royals and Chiefs.