Chief Operating Officer (COO)

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  • International Dubai/Italy/NYC
  • Full time
  • Management
  • mid-senior

About AliveShoes

AliveShoes gives talented and creative people all over the world the professional resources to design their own custom shoes, fashion products, and accessories. We support them with design tools, e-commerce tools, and supply-chain, and help them launch their line from scratch, completely online and at the speed of light.

The creator's economy is booming, the shift in power from institutional organizations and brands to individuals across industries is accelerating.

Our community of creators is international, made of designers, Artists, students, creative people and shoe lovers from all over the world.

Our mission is to support and nurture them, so to help them achieve their dream of launching their own fashion line.

Our design and production facilities are based in Italy, in the biggest and most prestigious shoe design and development cluster in the world called The Shoe Valley (Located in Le Marche, Italy).

We are a team of 28+ people working from Italy, UAE, USA, The Netherlands. We boost diverse backgrounds ranging from Tech to Fashion to business operations. We have investors from The Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy and Germany. We mostly operate in the US market (for now).

We are leading the biggest revolution in the footwear and fashion/accessories industry of the last 20 years. Joining us means to be at the upfront avant-garde of fashion-tech.

Job Description

The goal of the Chief Operating Officer is to manage and improve all important parts of AliveShoes operations functions and accelerate growth.
You'll be a sparring partner of the CEO.

We look for a candidate that has a natural ability to manage content and communications, is a fantastic organizer of things and people, and has a thing with Tech and Fashion.
On top of that, we look for "start-up sparkle and energy", we look for people that fiercely want to create a huge impact within the organization and on our global designer's community.

We are not here just to make a website or a company, we are here to give millions of people all over the world the possibility to create and spread their own fashion products. We think it's time to break the old-school pattern of this closed industry and let creators have fun with fashion, from the inside.
Let them design, promote, and distribute with their own rules, and with their own style.

Join us and help us make this happen faster and at a global level.

General Responsibilities:

* Work with the CEO in all operational, strategic, and growth aspects of the company

* Be a 360degrees hands-on problem solver, helping the team succeed
* Play a role in fundraising and keep shareholders informed and engaged

Manage the existing:

* Manage all customer service operations and teams ( pre-sales and post-sales)
* Manage the designer’s onboarding team
* Manage the social media & PR team
* Manage content production for the platform
* Oversee and support daily needs of the Italian supply chain team

* Oversee the tech product development calendar, keep track of tech development advancements and release dates
* Manage relationships with external agencies
* Manage online ADS (with help of agencies or freelancers)
*Oversee fashion product development and products digitalization teams
*Supervise admin/finance activities syncing with the director of admin, finance, and legal
*Directly support the hiring and training and success of new team members in the specific teams

Propel the new:

* Supervise all growth ops activities

* Identify, set up, and manage new monthly and quarterly growth projects directly, through new teams, or through external agencies or contractors

* Directly supervise new geographical expansions of AliveShoes

* Directly supervise new tactical marketing investment and opportunities

(Yes it is very exciting)


Working at AliveShoes as Chief Operating Officer means taking ownership from day one and giving everything for the company to make a meaningful and sustainable impact, grow fast, and create massive value for shareholders.
In a company like AliveShoes, tech, and fashion collide, the platform is always on and clients are demanding. Fire is always on!

The Chief Operating Officer will be working on the go with the CEO and managing and syncing with all other functions in the company from remote. You'll be working from Dubai from day one, you are also open to relocating to NYC in a second stage.

If you are an energetic and open-minded doer, with great knowledge of digital operations and amazing organizational and communication skills, we want to talk to you. If you feel like this is your Tom Cruise or Angelina Jolie type of moment in life, THIS IS THE RIGHT PLACE.

General Requirements

* Proven experience as an operator in the tech industry

* Experience in the fashion industry is also a plus

* You have gained work experience in an international e-commerce company, in a big tech company, in a post-seed startup or in a successful digital agency

* BSc/BA in Business Administration, Engineering or relevant field; MSc/MBA is a plus

* Proven passion and knowledge in the fashion-technology area

* Demonstrable competency in tech project management

* Hands-on skills in customer service, digital marketing, content creation, project management
* You are a great copywriter and you can manage and create content 

* Experience in customer service mgmt and online ticketing systems

* Understanding of SaaS, and e-commerce business models

* Growth mindset and proven knowledge of growth tactics and growth development

* Outstanding organizational and leadership abilities

* Aptitude in decision-making and problem-solving

* Amazing ability to recruit, lead and manage teams
You master the main collaborative online tools and can seamlessly work remotely with the different teams

* Professional English required

* Knowing Italian is a big plus

Key Requirements

* You'll work along with the CEO, which means always on the go

* You can relocate to Dubai from day one
* Can start within one or two months

* You already have held a position where traveling a lot or working/living out of your home country was a necessity
* Doer- you can do all kinds of hands-on work in product/project management, content creation, customer service, digital marketing

* “Always-on” mindset and highly performance-based growth approach
* Think big mentality


We normally review applications weekly. If we find a fit we will get back to you in less than 1 week.

The first part of the process involves an initial 60 min call and an interactive workbook we will send you right away.

If we both see there is a fit, the second part of the process will be a 2-3 half-day session with us from remote.
This will involve:

1) 2 deep-dive sessions with the CEO, going full in on the role and on the company
2) A call with the team
3) 1 or 2 calls with one or more of our investors/partners

If the bells are ringing and we are both excited about the opportunity, we will make you an offer.

The hiring period is divided into two phases:

A) 1 to 6 month trial period
B) 1 year to 3+ years contract after the trial.

This position includes a very wide package of shares in the AliveShoes American holding company. This means a significant amount of partner-level shares, regulated with a classic 4 years vesting period. We want you in the cap-table, not just on the field.

Salary-wise, you will get about Net 3500Euro/month (or 7000Euro invoiced) for the initial trial, and about Net 4000Euro/month (or 8000Euro invoiced) for the contract (this may vary based on the experience).
The salary will scale up proportionally together with additional rounds of funding and bigger yearly turnover milestones.
Further performance-based bonuses will be also added to the mix.
All travel and life expenses are paid by the company.

Work Internationally with the CEO, work remotely with the rest of the team, meet the team in Italy to gain relevant experience in the field. Participate in sprint development sessions, growth acceleration sessions, investors meetings, partners meeting. Set-up recharging sessions when necessary and help us scale-up AliveShoes and make history in the fashion industry.


AliveShoes is a startup, that means we go fast, we don't follow the standard rules we are hands-on and we do lots of extra job. We look for exceptional people with plenty of energy, lot's of ambition that strive for excellence. If you want to start an amazing journey in the fashion-technology industry, grow fast and learn a lot in just a few months, give this application your best shot.

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