Director Of Finance & Legal

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  • Italy + International
  • Full time
  • Management
  • Mid-Senior

About AliveShoes

AliveShoes gives talented and creative people all over the world the professional resources to design their own custom shoes and launch a shoe line from scratch.

Our community is international, made of designers, Artists, students, creative people and shoe lovers.
Our mission is to support and nurture them, so to help them achieving their dream of launching their own shoe line.

Our production is handled in Italy in the biggest and most prestigious shoe design and development cluster in the world called The Shoe valley (Located in Le Marche, Italy).

We are leading the biggest revolution in the footwear industry of the last 20 years. Joining us means to be at the upfront avant-garde of fashion-tech.

Job Description

AliveShoes is a multifaceted business:

We run a tech platform, we manage a supply-chain unit, a production network and we manage and nurture thousands of designers daily, from around the world.

The company is present in the USA, in the Netherlands and in Italy.

You'll be leading the financial and legal management of the company.

The role covers 3 main aspects:

1/ Administrative and legal management

Hiring and keeping constant communications with Lawyers and Accountants in each specific country.
Supervising the preparation of balance sheets of the three companies together with the accountants in each specific region.
Supervising the VAT and other admistrative compliance within the group.
Optimizing company structures, from both, a taxation and organizational standpoint.
Managing all legal company documents .
Supervising the invoicing and admin processes.
Managing employment contracts and salaries.
Managing partnerships contracts with all relevant partners.
Manage IP and supervise IP issues.

2/ Financial and operational management

Managing bank accounts, online payment processors and credit cards.
Creating and supervising monthly, quarterly and yearly sales and cost budgets.
Analyzing and optimizing the cost structures of the supply chain.
Optimizing the price point and the business model.
Supervisioning all relevant business KPIs and indentify strategies to improve them in time.

3/ Fund raising and investor relations

Actively searching for new potential investors, reach out and mantain relationship with them
Creating new financial & analysis documents, business plans, due diligence documents and presentations for new investors.
Preparing documents and reports for existing shareholders.

You'll be working together with the CEO.


Fluent English spoken and written.

Fluent Italian spoken and written.

You hold a bachelor degree in economics or engineering, MBA is preferred.

You have worked at least 5 years in a relevant position in financial management either in a investment bank, in a venture fund, or as a financial manager in a company.

You are a data beast. You own excel and dashboards. You can dig your own data, that means you can work with the organization, both the tech side and the operations/sales to gather all the data you need.

You are great at finding the right advisors for legal and accounting matters, better if you already have a network of advisors you can use.

You are good with paperwork, contracts, invoicing set-up, taxes.

You understand and you love tech, you can work with product and sales team and relate business KPIs to specific product features and specific sales operations

You can run meetings, create presentations and present in front of investors or stakeholders

You have great experience in international and online businesses, you understand how taxes works and how online business operates

You have some experience with startups investment process, relevant startup documents like term sheets, convertible notes and you have a good understanding of startups valuation and market.
You have some experience with startups operational flows.
Having worked in USA for a period of time is a big plus.

You know how and where to search for investors, you are good at networking. Alreading having a network of startup investors you know is a plus.

You are not a 9-5 office person. You want to travel, work internationally, and fully embrace a cause with a full-in approach

You love difficult challenges and you are stimulated to work with startups and talented people. You are entreprenurial, ambitious and energetic. You are a doer, you like to wear many hats when needed, and you are super goal oriented


We normally review applications weekly. If we find a fit we will get back to you in less than a week.

The first part of the process involve an initial skype call.

The second part of the process will be a 1 day full working day with us. We will fly you from whenever you are located and reimburse reasonable expenses.

The hiring period is divided in two phases, a 3 month trial period, and a 1 year to 3 years contract after the trial.

For this position you will get about gross 3.500$/month for the 3 month trial, and about gross 6.000$/month for the contract (this may vary based on the experience)
You will also get a significant package of shares in the American holding company, with 3 years vesting period, if your trial will be successfull.

The job is based in Italy, with frequent travels to USA and Europe.

All travel expenses are paid by the company (life + travel, including accommodation).


AliveShoes is a startup, that means we go fast, we don't follow the standard rules a, we are hands-on and we do lots of extra job. We look for exceptional people with plenty of energy, lot's of ambition that strive for excellence. If you want to start an amazing journey in the fashion-technology industry, grow fast and learn a lot in just a few months, give this application your best shot.

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