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Until a few years ago, the fashion sector developed on collections planned for the various seasons but with the advent of digitization that persistently crept in, things have completely changed.

High fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton did take their cue from streetwear and adopt the "drop model": they create exclusive limited edition items, with no or short notice.

It's the Drop era and we all live in it.

These products are the model of how to surround consumer products with high perceived value; the clamor is elusive and magical; like 2015 Yeezy 'Turtledove' sneakers, a real unicorn among sneakers.

Distributing a a limited number of products transmits to consumers the perception of an exclusive offer.

Brands launch unconventional products, ignite the enthusiasm of a few by acting on the imagination through exclusive messages, make applicable rituals aimed at finding products that one could also do without but that one ardently desires to win, collect, touch, see, exchange and, in some cases, resell.

AliveShoes allows you to do just that: create unique things and make small drops every month of 7 pieces. 


Let's see specifically. What is the drop?

The "drop" is a specific program that releases the collection in a limited and controlled number of products, with weekly and monthly drops. In this way, hype and waiting are always kept high. In fact, the drops in addition to generating a continuous hype are fueled with transmedia communications.

Why the Limited Edition is important?

Specifically, the Limited Edition is a limited offer proposed by a brand, of which no replication is expected. But in addition to being limited in quantity, limited editions usually also have a time limit, making the products perceive as more attractive and desirable and increasing the value of the experience since once the opportunity is missed they will never be available again. To earn an exclusive product, whether it is sneakers, bags, or water, it is no longer enough to buy it: you have to run, arrive before the others, demonstrate your loyalty to the brand. Click after click. Purchase after purchase. Box after box.