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Alexanders is a unique footwear brand coming from an extremely talented and young American designer, Darius Alexander. The shoes were featured by Fashion Influencer Domenico Porfido, from Italy to the world. 

It’s another exclusive project published thanks to the PR Boost service by the AliveShoes team.

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Alexanders brand published by Domenico Porfido, fashion and style expert  

The shoes were featured on the Instagram page and personal blog page of Domenico Porfido with thousands of likes and comments. A personal photographic blitz of the shoes was made by the fashion blogger, an expert in style.

These are his words about the shoe and the brand: "Feel comfortable with my new Alexanders limited edition shoes 100% made in Italy by American designer Darius Alexander, soft leather and Amazing style, with formidable comfort. Perfect with me on travel."

The appearance on social media and on the blog provided great visibility for the brand and was also a style statement.


About the brand and style of Alexanders

Alexanders brand was created from my mothers last name. I always wanted to create a legacy using the name. Growing up I would hear how strong my name was and the greatness it carried. So this was my chance to use it and make it great! Alexanders is a bold strong classy sexy design that anyone can wear. The shoes that Alexanders carry are meant to enhance ones look. They add a touch of the south to the customers personal style. I like bold and sleek yet stunning looks. Alexanders gives you all of that and more.

About Darius Alexander

Hometown country boy from Bryan College Station. For most of my life I have been a musician and a true dream chaser. Fashion has always been something I enjoyed seeing. I never knew I would be designing shoes. However, the opportunity came and it was one I just one I could not pass.