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Anthony Maurice brand was recently featured on GQ, one of the most prestigious fashion magazine in the world.

It’s another exclusive project published in a world-class magazine thanks to the PR Boost service by the AliveShoes team.

Our team aims to make designs from the AliveShoes platform visible in the most important national and international fashion magazines and the most popular influencers.

Anthony Maurice has appeared in GQ's newsletters

The newsletter was sent to thousands of GQ readers, all passionate about fashion, lifestyle and new trends.

Anthony Maurice's sneakers were featured at full page and as the main and only content of the newsletter. Indeed great visibility for the brand and for the specific design.


About the Anthony Maurice brand

The idea of the Anthony Maurice brand comes from the mix of uniqueness, boldness and class. These Italian made, leather vintage sneakers are comfortable eye-catching and cutting-edge a must-have for any shoe enthusiast!

An idea and design created by Anthony Maurice Smith 

I have a real passion for fashion especially shoes. I also have a passion for passing on tools to my children. My daughter has shown sincere interest in fashion and entrepreneurship. Anthony Maurice is a result of combining those interest.