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Like any economic sector, in fact, the world of fashion also has to deal with the rules and dynamics of the market that are constantly changing. Consumers change, their habits change, and not only will the fashion industry have to respond adequately to this, but it will also have to be able to manage and possibly guide the transformations of the market.

The most active consumers in the fashion sector today are the so-called Millennials, i.e. those who were born between the early Eighties and the early Nineties and who are now between 20 and 35 years old. Passionate and attentive to trends and grown hand in hand with technological innovation, Millennials make purchases that say a lot about them and the socio-economic situation in which they live. Millennials are children of that crisis and, grappling with the uncertainty of the present and the future, they have acquired habits, customs and habits that reflect the situation in which they live.

On the other hand, uniqueness is one of the main elements that Millennials are looking for. For this reason, the limited editions and creative collaborations between classic brands and the names of the moment are now very successful. Examples are the partnerships between Louis Vuitton and the urban Supreme brand, singer Pharrell Williams and Chanel, or Gucci and Dapper Dan, the designer of the Eighties hip hop scene.

Merging different worlds in search of the extraordinary is in fact the rule of the style of the Millennials, who tend to mix garments, styles and genres even in a single outfit. The limited editions, in addition to representing an excellent example of exclusivity, are often linked to another value that is becoming increasingly popular: sustainability.

The limited editions in fact allow a reduced production, as well as temporary collaborations. Years ago we never would have thought that something like this was possible. Each brand worked hard to make its identity strong, keeping in mind, with clear awareness, all the movements of the market and competitors. Today the world has changed, it is fast and connected, so even fashion and trends cannot be outdone. The word collaboration is now more, as a concept, close to that of contamination. Because joining forces means doubling creativity, but also the target, and the result is often a great success.


Why it is important to create Collabs

Far from loyalty to a single brand, a phenomenon typical of the previous generation, Millennials today prefer other values ​​in the choice of brands to wear. Creativity and innovation, for example, but also social responsibility which must be authentic and credible. Millennials in fact hate vague communications and identities, brands that keep their distance and those that show that they have sales as their sole objective. Aware of their purchasing power, young consumers move from one brand to another in search of new offers and new realities they can trust.

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