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Emina’s Vision shoe line, named Soles, led to an appearance on VOGUE magazine, the creativity behind the brand focuses on true luxury, style, and uniqueness.

Emina’s Vision as a brand started as a reflection on trauma awareness, EMINA is a fictional character (from Sad soles in pastel dreamscapes ) whose ability to see through and beyond the physical appearance of people and deep into their souls.

The feature on Vogue is another great achievement for the AliveShoes PR Boost team, whose goal is to bring our designers’ shoes to the attention of international magazines like VOGUE.

Emina's Vision brand reaches Vogue magazine.

Photographic material and banners have been published in the Vogue magazine, considered one of the most prestigious and authoritative magazines in the fashion world.

Photos from the brand’s designer were the background for all sections of the online magazine. Specific banners featuring the shoes’ design appeared in the most important articles of the week.

The weeklong appearances provided great visibility for the brand.


About the brand and style of Emina's Vision SOLES collection

The SOLE line is a conscious and strategic effort to emphasize on the fact that EMINAS VISION is focused on trying to correct the areas in fashion where there are imbalances such as materialism.

Just like Emina (the fictional character) could see people’s trauma, and also feel and understand what they’ve been through, we have directed our shoe brand to focus on areas where other fashion brands have failed and in turn create something truly innovative. Every human has a soul and every shoe has a sole. The SOLE line represents the balance of physical comfort and sanity.

About Emina’s Vision

Michael Bussey is the Owner/Visionary/Marketer/Designer of Emina's Vision. He grew up in San Diego and has since been influenced by Japanese pop culture and hip hop right from when he was at a very young age. He is very serious and passionate about mental health and has always tried to promote his concern in any way he could. He has been doing this with every opportunity he gets especially with his Audiobook story titled ‘Sad Soles in Pastel Dreamscapes’. ‘I wanted to blend my artistic influences with a strong cause’. He is always pursuing Sanity in any way.