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FLOCKS is a unique footwear brand coming from an extremely talented designer from America, Floyd Leslie.

The shoes were featured by fashion and lifestyle influencer milanmusic, from Germany to the world. 

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FLOCKS brand published by milanmusic, fashion and style expert  

The shoes were featured on the Instagram page and personal blog page of milanmusic with thousands of likes and comments: https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ03oHrDr8K/

A personal photographic blitz of the shoes was made by the fashion blogger, an expert in style.

These are his words about the shoe and the brand: "LIMITED EDITION 🔥Wearing my new FLOCKS sneakers by the designer Flyod Leslie! Get this limited amazing pair of sneakers here: https://www.aliveshoes.com/flocks-13__Swipe for more pictures ⬅️"

The appearance on social media and on the blog provided great visibility for the brand and was also a style statement.


About the brand and style of FLOCKS

FLOCKS brand is Groovy Music Family, as the music label the designer owns. It means the FLOCKS shoes are the expression of a groovy style: colorful, hippy, full of creativity and fun. It also means expressing yourself and being who you are, no matter what. It requires a lot of energy and FLOCKS put that same energy into the shoes. They are very different shoes, not the average sneaker. They are meshed with cameo, pink and black that makes them unique and amazing to wear. As casual or running shoes they are really comfortable and the straps make them even more enjoyable. This shoe line is unisex, so everyone can wear them, and really versatile, so every occasion is the good one to have them on and add a sparkle to your day.

About Floyd Leslie

Floyd Leslie is a hip hop and rap musician. He studied Audio Engineering as a Sound Engineer, but he always loved fashion, clothing and dressing different and in a unique way. He owns a label and a music brand called Groovy Music Family. His latest album is called “Sativa”, which is also the name of his limited edition of the FLOCKS shoes. He is very passionate about life and about his career as a shoe designer and a brand influencer. Floyd Leslie works hard to come up with different styles and colors to mesh with each other, in order to give people the flavor they want.