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Successful content works because they are conceived, studied, and at the base, they have an elaboration method that allows you to cope even with drops in inspiration.

One of the secrets of the so-called content marketing is constancy: to be successful it is not enough to make incredible one-off content. Inspiration is important, but one cannot live on inspiration alone. We need a method.

Here are some tips on how to create successful content:

- Emotional: emotional content is the one type of content that drives engagement. The skill here is to instill an emotional effect with which to captivate the public. A narrative idea, a playful approach, a message that highlights the emotional aspects of the content.

- Original: Users are excited by the news and by what appears unusual and particular. It is essential to seek truly unique contents or that add something new to what has already been said on a certain topic.

- Consistent: If on the one hand, we must try to be original, on the other hand, we must not overdo it by losing sight of the communication objective. Who are you talking to? What are the characteristics of your target audience? Add value to communication and be consistent with what you want to say to your audience. You can ask your users directly what they need. Current. The best contents are those that refer to current situations. Special events, ideas that allow you to develop extremely compelling communication.

- Focusing on visual content: a good visual product always makes the difference, focus on quality. Use curated images that have a stimulating visual impact.

- Worn products make the difference: the worn product has a greater appeal and allows you to have a complete view of the product at 360°. If you have something to say to the world, are creative, have a great sense of fashion, and love designer shoes, it's time to unleash your potential.


The magic appeal of the shoe-head shot

A particularly cool shot that really makes a difference is the so called "shoe-head" shot. Its a shot whet you hold your shoes in your hands and look at the camera. The shoot is very easy to make, and very powerful. It showcases the shoe in a very clear way, and also tells the story about the brand, about you, the designer. It combines storytelling with a great visual, and gives the viewer a great experience, pushing them to desire your product.
In the picture: THOMFIT shoe Line By Marcel Thom

AliveShoes internal services to help you with content

Our fashion team in Italy can help you with content in multiple ways. A simple and cheap one is through our photo studio service. We delivered pristine still-life shoe pictures and also create some creative banners around them. That can be helpful as a start to showcase your product on social. On the other end, at the brand boost level, once you reach the 50 sales goal we will produce a professional photoshopping of your designs, completely for free. We are taking professional-level photos with great ambiance and style, just like the big brand. 
In the picture: Brand boost photoshoot for Cognac by wine shoes