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Made in Italy manufacturing is a combination of production skills, creative ability, and innovation, enhanced by culture.

The goal of Italian manufacturing in the medium-long term must be to communicate quality and sustainability to consumers.

Products made in Italy are of great value to customers as this reinforce the market value of the product.

Behind every single product made in Italy, there is a history and a process performed by expert and competent craftsmen, who each time create a unique and exclusive product.

In short, choosing made in Italy products means choosing quality and safety, not to mention that made in Italy fashion items are known and appreciated all over the world.

The parameters and values of Made in Italy are those that follow AliveShoes which manufactures products in the Marche region, in Italy, where modern footwear was invented 100 years ago. It is called The Shoe Valley and has been the oldest and best shoe manufacturing district in the world since 1901.

There are no finer hands in this field! Our production process involves highly skilled techniques and careful reworking. Each pair of personalized shoes is one of a kind: it combines traditional craftsmanship, quality, and modern style. AliveShoes is perfectly Italian.

It is crucial to communicate these values to customers and educate them on quality and excellence. 


The importance of Made in Italy in the world

The expression "Made in Italy" is used to indicate the prestige of the Italian industry, which is due to a series of products of excellence to which they are recognized: quality, excellence, safety, and reliability. These are the main reasons for choices in Italian clothing and accessories. In the fashion sector, "Made in Italy" involves the use of natural materials, free of dyes or other elements that are dangerous for nature, the territory, and the health of those who buy them. To obtain this type of certification, Italian fashion companies are subjected to strict quality controls at every stage of production.

Build your brand with real Italian heritage

The quality foundation of "Made in Italy" is the indispensable work of the craftsmen who produce clothing, footwear, and accessories for brands in the fashion industry who work precisely and seriously every day. Building your brand with this added value will distinguish you from the mass and will set a solid foundation for your brand. Choose "Made in Italy" means to stand out.