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Sacha Raeburn created MON$TER shoes, an incredible limited edition shoe design, which was published, for a whole week, on Men's Health magazine.

It’s another exclusive project published in a world-class magazine thanks to the PR Boost service by the AliveShoes team.

Our team aims to make designs from the AliveShoes platform visible on the most important national and international fashion magazines and on trending influencers.

MON$TER brand appeared all over Men'sHealth's website for an entire week

Photos created by the brand’s designer were the background for the sections of the online magazine.

Specific banner featuring the shoes’ design appeared in the week’s most important articles.

In the magazine’s main sections, there were vertical banners featuring the brand and the shoe photos.


About the brand and style of MON$TER

Our slogan is “Cry Gold, Sweat Diamonds, Bleed Neon, Be You." Our mission is to celebrate the hustle. Turn your tears into gold, they make you stronger. Celebrate the diamonds in your sweat, you are one day closer to reaching your goal. Enjoy the bright colorful electricity running through your veins, it’s what fuels you. Most importantly “Be You”. Be who you want to be, not who they tell you to be. This is the MON$TER you want hiding under your bed. Fluffy and cuddly, with an edge. Monster celebrates the bright colorful energy flowing through your veins, it’s what fuels you.Monster is old school basketball design featuring smooth mauve and black caviar leather, laced together with bold aqua laces. It’s black sole features bright aqua stitching, which brings the whole design together.

About Sacha Raeburn designer 

Sacha was born in South Africa and moved to the United States when she was three. Sacha was lucky enough to have parents who are obsessed with Art and traveled to galleries all over the world. Her parents were very much against Care Bear coloring books, or any other coloring books for that matter. When she finally convinced them to buy her a coloring book of Juan Miro's Art, she got frustrated because she wasn't any good at coloring in the lines. As an adult, Sacha's biggest strengths are coloring OUTSIDE the lines, lifting people up and painting the world in the biggest boldest brightest colors possible. “Cry Gold, Sweat Diamonds, Bleed Neon, Be You."-SBS CUSTOM.