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SKRIBB'S STOMPS is a unique footwear brand coming from an extremely talented and designer from America,  Levi Serafini. 

The shoes were featured by Fashion and lifestyle Influencer Massimiliano with the icontrendy page, from Italy to the world. 

It’s another exclusive project published thanks to the PR Boost service by the AliveShoes team.

SKRIBB'S STOMPS brand published by icontrendy, fashion and style expert  

The shoes were featured on the Instagram page and personal blog page of Massimiliano with thousands of likes and comments.

A personal photographic blitz of the shoes was made by the fashion blogger, an expert in style.

These are his words about the shoe and the brand: "Today I want to show you a brand of sneakers @aliveshoes by the American designer Levi Serafini, Skribb's Stomps - they immediately struck me for their originality .. a brand that knows how to keep up with the times, also be out of the box .. but that allows us wearing them not to go unnoticed #skribbstomps ..You can find it here Designed in America - Made in Italy".

The appearance on social media and on the blog provided great visibility for the brand and was also a style statement.


About the brand and style of Skribb's Stomps

The "Staff Pick" award winning 2019 Skribb's Stomps are a reflection of my style and personality. From the brand there are many designs to choose from and you can expect many more! You can find a modern style, unbeatable fine Italian luxurious leather, a bit of my wild side, and a touch of retro in each pair of the S.S. 2019's. With the S.S. 2019'2, The bold red and black combo is all you'll need, this retro basketball style high top provides luxury and demands attention.

About Levi Serafini

I am a disabled veteran of the USMC, husband, father of two beautiful children, designer, artist, and motorcycle enthusiast. My passion for art began when I was very young, my father and aunt both had their own unique style and I found it amazing, in awe of what they could create with their imagination. I struggled finding my own style as a child artist, and being a bit of a perfectionist, I became frustrated and eventually gave up. For years I never did more than an occasional sketch or doodle. It was a couple months before my 30th birthday when I found inspiration again. I had been visiting some of my brothers at the time, one of them had acrylic paint markers at the table we sat at. I grabbed one of the markers as we sat and talked, and drew some small graffiti like images on the inside bill of the hat I was wearing, just enjoying the creativity flowing within the haze of our conversation. One of my brothers noticed what I had been doing and said, "that's pretty sweet dude, here do some on mine".