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The landscape, post Covid, in the fashion and luxury sector can no longer be recognized in a totally changed world, between demanding consumers and experts who ask brands for much more than a great product. Mega designers like Giorgio Armani, the "king of fashion" and Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci, are launching collections with a concept of fashion closer to consumers and the environment, able to respond to the needs after the epidemic of Covid-19.

Not in the world of luxury and fashion, which together with the product sells dreams and values. Today he has a greater awareness and sense of responsibility, he asks where a commodity comes from, how it was produced, what is its environmental impact. Today it is asked that brands take a clear position on contemporary values, such as respect for the environment, inclusion of diversity, adherence to the beliefs of a new generation.

Brand exclusivity and product inclusivity. Some products must remain exclusive, which is achieved in various ways, substantially creating scarcity of certain products, while others must remain more available, just to prevent a brand is too far from the public. But it is a question of choices and strategies: some brands, such as Hermès, want to remain purely exclusive.

The market is changing more and more rapidly and with it also the target groups of companies are changing and expanding: a great innovation of recent years is the Z generation.

They prefer social media as a form of communication, including work, and for them technology is no longer a tool, but a fundamental part of their lives. The many possibilities provided by the digital world have made this generation very impatient and eager not to miss any opportunity.

They are very attentive to their psychophysical well-being, so many of them tend to want a return to their roots through new interests such as craftsmanship and handmade philosophy.

Here are the principles to follow:

- quality before brand. Authenticity is the key to winning over the Z generation: this is why it is essential to strengthen the brand in its identity, so that it can live up to the promises made through the services and products offered;

- It is essential to base your marketing proposal on simplicity

- use multiple digital channels through an integrated communication strategy including interaction on the various social networks to reach them on each platform.


People want to know what they’re wearing

The supply chain must become more transparent and traceable, that is, it must give the opportunity to the same brands and consumers to know where and how a garment has been produced in all its stages of manufacture. Innovative materials and processes must be more responsible, as is for example the transition from a linear economy, which requires a garment to be thrown at the end of its life cycle, to a circular one, which instead reuses materials extending their duration over time. It is then the great moment of digitalization, which brings with it virtual parades but which inevitably reshapes the role of cities; and again, purchases must be more prudent but, at the same time, production must adjust to a slower model. The protection factor is triggering a series of questions in people, who want to know not only what they eat, but also what they wear.

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