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The consumer today is at the center of the sales process, which becomes a simple and immediate interconnected system. For consumers, there is no longer a distinction between physical space and online space.

Selling today means reaching customers, potential and already acquired, anywhere and from any device, offering a fluid experience and clear and consistent messages on all official channels.

This trend has already been in the air for years. Covid has given an acceleration, setting it as a milestone for the marketing of the future.

During and after last year's lockdown, consumers inevitably turned more and more to digital. With the pandemic, the figure has soared again. 70% of the population uses an e-commerce service.

The challenge, in a context of continuous limitations and closures, is therefore to capitalize on this pool of new customers while making them loyal. The migration to fully digital solutions is one of the determining factors in this period.

The wide adoption of e-commerce sales platforms may lead to a change in the organizational structure of companies, in the future-proof skills of the sector and, consequently, in the professional profiles, making some types of workers weaker, Attract funding for innovations.

The need for innovation in the sector is already present.

Digitization and internationalization are therefore the musts of the future We need to support the digitization of small and medium-sized enterprises because today's competition is increasingly technological.


Electronic commerce

E-commerce products fly without barriers: the trend of buying simple products has exploded. Investing in such a context is the entrepreneurial category, which has led to an intelligent increase thanks to the digital world. E-commerce is within everyone's reach. The increase in traffic to e-commerce sites - it is assumed - will increase people's attention in the digital environment even more for various reasons, such as convenience and timing.

AliveShoes digital platform

AliveShoes lets you do just that by offering talented and creative people around the world, the professional resources to design their custom shoes and launch a shoe line from scratch through a digital platform. Creative people are interested in expressing themselves. Not only that, but also entrepreneurs and marketing professionals who wish to start or expand their business; independent brands looking to introduce a custom shoe line within their existing brand.