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Stephone Bryan created the VET MMXIX brand, an incredible limited edition sneaker design, which was published on Esquire magazine.

It’s another exclusive project published in a world-class magazine thanks to the PR Boost service by the AliveShoes team.

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The VET MMXIX brand appeared all over Esquire's website.

Photos of the designs were the background for the style, design, news sections of the fashion magazine.

Specific banner featuring the shoes’ design appeared in the most important articles.


About the brand and style of VET MMXIX

VET MMXIX is a fashion Veteran, a brand dedicated to the urban lifestyle it was inspired by. It's meant to capture the eye and combine elements of different worlds. Basketball and hip hop.

Who say's you can't look good wearing basketball retro sneakers?

Vet MMXIX, an urban lifestyle inspired by 4 worlds. Music, Art, Fashion and Hiphop.

About the man behind the brand: Stephone Bryan

My name is Stephone "Steph One" Bryan, born in Kokomo, Indiana and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. I've always had a creative mind in designing some kind of element. Wether it's music, clothes or shoes I have always had an artist mind of frame about how I perceive things. Combining my passion for music, art, fashion and hiphop was a no brainer. For me I've always dreamed of being able to do something that has all 4 worlds into one. And it was simple, everyone loves clothes, everyone loves shoes. When you think about things on a different level you can easily start picking out "What connects people of all backgrounds together?" To me the answer is creativity.