Quest Delaney

It is the goal of Delaney Brand to provide an exclusive line of unique quality and designs that encourages its audience to embrace the uniqueness to "Be You" to genuinely "Be Yourself"

Made in Italy
Quest Delaney by Quest Delaney

The feature edition

An amazing limited edition and unique design



Contemporary sock runner
Made in Italy
This sporty slip-on sneaker definitely captures a contemporary outlook


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Authentic Italian manufacturing

Each design is meticulously constructed by a skilled network of selected Italian artisans, there are no finer hands in the field. The handcrafting and the materials, are state-of-the-art.


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About Quest Delaney

Born and raised in Prince George's County, Maryland, now residing in Hanover, Maryland, Quest Delaney is the oldest of 7 kids, following a traumatic brain injury, Quest Delaney lost all of his creativity and his memory. After 5 years of recovering from the injury, he wanted to challenge himself, it intrigued him to try and launch this shoe line so it was the first challenge following the accident that sparked his creativeness. The shoe represents absolute power, strength, and courage which is what the tiger in his logo represents. These are important because those are the elements that were necessary for him to recover from his traumatic brain injury and from that he wants to encourage his audience to embrace those elements to overcome anything they might be facing in their own lives and never give up on your dreams.