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Made in Italy
DODEKATHEON by Jerome Sampson

The Collection

The Greek Pantheon is the Dodekatheon, meaning the Twelve Gods These Gods that comprise the principal deities worship by Greeks. The Gods are also referred to as the first Olympians. Dodekatheon are seekers of excellence, looking for the best of the best in the fields of war, science, education, art, law, and any other field that strikes their fancy . They encourage humans, especially their own Scions, to live up to their potential and give any task their best, a trait exemplified in their own Purview of Arete. Being best comes with a price, and in the case of the Dodekatheon that weakness comes in the form of a crippling hubris; As no god believes they or their minions can ever be bested. So to be the best you must seek excellence & to acquire excellence you must challenge the best. DODEKATHEON " Seek Excellence Shoes,Sports Wear& Equipment

Custom crafted
Made in Italy

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