VaLorina Collection

Hi friends , help me reach the top 100 luxury brands in the world. As I strive to make a mark in the global shoe market and reach the esteemed top 100 luxury brands in the world As a newcomer, I approach this endeavor with humility and a deep-seated passion for footwear. My journey is guided by the values instilled by my family and a steadfast commitment to quality. I am incredibly grateful for the support extended to me by CEO Luca Botticelli, talent manager Luisa, and our team of skilled Italian crafters, along with the dedicated staff in Shoe Valley, Italy. Together, we are crafting a brand identity that embodies dedication and innovation, with each shoe bearing a unique design and a coveted Limited Edition certificate. Our debut collection seamlessly blends traditional Italian craftsmanship with contemporary style, inviting you to join us on this journey of discovery. In addition to our footwear line, I am excited to introduce "VALORINA," a collection of women's apparel inspired by the strength and grace of the women in my life. Securing a place among the top 100 luxury brands would not only allow us to showcase footwear featuring materials like diamonds and gold but also pave the way for meaningful collaborations and continued growth. This venture is more than just a business; it's a heartfelt endeavor to build a legacy that honors my family and redefines luxury. I sincerely invite you to be a part of this journey as we embark on this humble ascent together. With thanks Axel Jason M. Galvez Vancouver , B.C Canada

Made in Italy
VaLorina Collection by Axel Jason M. Galvez

The feature edition

An amazing limited edition and unique design


Axel Galvez

Classic boat sneaker
Made in Italy
The moccasin is an icon of style and elegance


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Authentic Italian manufacturing

Each design is meticulously constructed by a skilled network of selected Italian artisans, there are no finer hands in the field. The handcrafting and the materials, are state-of-the-art.


Permanent collection

Italian hands, skilled and sure, Bring forth designs, both classic and pure. In every pair, a touch of art, A testament to craftsmanship's heart. So step with pride, in VaLorina's grace, Where elegance meets every pace.

Custom crafted
Made in Italy

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About Axel Jason M. Galvez

Axel Galvez is a unique individual who has worked in the film industry and as a humanitarian volunteer with WE CARE FOR HUMANITY. He participated in a fashion competition in December 2020 and was named one of the "Top 100 Participants" by The Fashion Hero. Alongside his work in film and humanitarian efforts, Axel has launched an Italian clothing line, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit. Additionally, he has held various positions in patient care within Fraser Health Authorities and is currently pursuing his diploma in Healthcare Assisting at Drake Medox College, aiming to serve the aging population. Axel is also actively developing a short film script titled "15 Days Before Mother's Day" and has created a character for the upcoming series "Eternal Oath: The Blood Oaths Allegiance."