Executive Operations Specialist (International)

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  • International (UAE + ITA + US)
  • Full time
  • Management
  • Mid

About AliveShoes

AliveShoes gives talented and creative people all over the world the professional resources to design their own custom shoes, fashion products, and accessories. We support them with design tools, e-commerce tools, and supply-chain, and help them launch their line from scratch, completely online and at the speed of light.

The creator's economy is booming, the shift in power from institutional organizations and brands to individuals across industries is accelerating.

Our community of creators is international, made of designers, Artists, students, creative people and shoe lovers from all over the world.

Our mission is to support and nurture them, so to help them achieve their dream of launching their own fashion line.

Our design and production facilities are based in Italy, in the biggest and most prestigious shoe design and development cluster in the world called The Shoe Valley (Located in Le Marche, Italy).

We are a team of 28+ people working from Italy, UAE, USA, The Netherlands. We boost diverse backgrounds ranging from Tech to Fashion to business operations. We have investors from The Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy and Germany. We mostly operate in the US market (for now).

We are leading the biggest revolution in the footwear and fashion/accessories industry of the last 20 years. Joining us means to be at the upfront avant-garde of fashion-tech.

Job Description

We are looking for an exceptional talent that wants to fast-forward his or her career and become a master of fashion-tech operations.
The goal of the Executive Operations Specialist is to manage important operations functions and to directly support the CEO, and the AliveShoes team.
You'll be working mainly between Dubai and Italy; you are also open to moving your work location frequently according to the company development plan.
Other work locations may include the US (NYC) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam).

General Responsibilities

* Support CEO in daily operational flow
* Manage large portions of customer support operations with the help and guidance of the CEO and customer service lead members
* Managing VIP designers and top performers of the platform
* Managing and overlooking content management and PR activities in sync with other teams and the CEO
* Remotely oversee the status advancement of the Italian-based teams and Marche-based teams ( design team, product team, supply chain team) and sync them with the CEO
* Manage relationships with external agencies and partners and connect them with the CEO
* Assisting the CEO in weekly administration flow
* Organize interviews and hiring workflow for the CEO or other team members
* Assist the CEO in all organizational needs, like setting up new offices or hiring locally


Working at AliveShoes as the Executive Operations Specialist means being always executing at your best to support the CEO and the AliveShoes team.

The Executive Operations Specialist will be working on the go with the CEO and managing and syncing with all other functions in the company.
You'll be working from Dubai with frequents travel to Italy and the US.

If you are an energetic and open-minded doer, with amazing organizational and communication skills, and you are also a patient and balanced person, we want to talk to you.

We don't look for plenty of experience, but we look for talent and a great attitude.

General Requirements

* You have gained at least 3 years of work experience in an international e-commerce company, in a big tech company, in a leading agency, in a consultancy firm, in a big fashion or lifestyle company or in a post-seed startup
* BSc/BA in relevant field; MSc/MBA is a plus
* Proven passion and knowledge in the fashion-technology area
* You love and breed tech
* Experience in the fashion industry is a big plus
* Experience of 1 to 5 years of working abroad
* You have mid-level copywriting and content creation skills
* Hands-on skills in customer service, digital marketing, content creation, project management, administration
* You are a traveler of the world and are super-flexible and fast to navigate new environments
* Outstanding organizational abilities
* You master the main collaborative online tools and can seamlessly work remotely with the different teams
* Professional English required
* Professional Italian is required
* Knowing French is a plus

Key Requirements

* You'll work along with the CEO, which means always on the go
* You can move to Dubai from day one. You are flexible to change work location frequently including the US
* You enjoy living abroad for an extensive period of time
* You already have held a position where traveling a lot or working/living out of your home country was a necessity
* You have a highly performance-based growth mindset and think-big mentality
* Doer- you can do all kinds of hands-on work in product/project management, customer service, digital marketing, administration


We normally review applications weekly. If we find a fit we will get back to you in less than 1 week.

If selected, we will normally do a trial of 1 to 6 months. Contract terms after the trial are from 1 to 3+ years.

For this position, we will offer a salary based on experience, competence, and attitude starting from Net Eur 2250/Month (4000 if invoiced) and topping at Net Eur 3500/Month (6000 if invoiced).
All travel and life expenses abroad are paid for by the company (transportation, housing, food)
After the trial, you'll have access to create a long-term relationship with us that includes stock options in the company, and further performance-based bonuses.


AliveShoes is a startup, that means we go fast, we don't follow the standard rules we are hands-on and we do lots of extra job. We look for exceptional people with plenty of energy, lot's of ambition that strive for excellence. If you want to start an amazing journey in the fashion-technology industry, grow fast and learn a lot in just a few months, give this application your best shot.

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