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- Since 1901 -

There is a place in Le Marche, Italy, where 100 years ago, modern shoemaking was invented. It’s called The Shoe Valley, and it’s been the world’s oldest and best shoe manufacturing district in the world since 1901. There are no finer hands in the field.

Shoes made in Le Marche Italy, by artisan shoemaker guild of the shoe valley district

BRAZILIAN FEVER By Lisbeth Buonanno

Custom Italian shoes handcrafted in Italy

100% handcrafted in Italy

Our manufacturing process features extremely skilled techniques and careful reworking. Every pair of custom shoes is one-of-a-kind: combining handcrafting tradition, quality and modern style. AliveShoes are perfectly Italian.

Italian quality Leather
Every shoe features pristine, quality leather and suede, sourced and processed in Italy. Custom shoes created in this luxe material makes the end product smooth to the touch, comfortable to wear and visually stunning. There’s a reason Italian leather is an essential resource among the best brands.
Design your own shoes with the finest Italian leather and materials
  • Extreme quality

    The best materials available in fashion
  • Made to last

    Incredibly robust custom sneakers, made to last for years
  • Amazing touch

    Extremely soft and rich at the same time

YODDA By Tiago & Debora Fernandes

Made in Italy Means the Best of the Best
Shoes made in Italy have come to be known for their unparalleled quality thanks to the use of only the finest materials, traditional manufacturing and outstanding finishing detail.
  • Carefully handcrafted

  • Genuine Italian leathers

  • Clean leather cut

  • Precision stitching

  • Accurate assembly

  • Perfect fit

Amazing style meets total comfort
Not only known for world class quality, style and top-notch materials, Italy is widely acclaimed for the comfort added to each shoe made. The finished products of AliveShoes benefit from more than 100 years of impeccable craftsmanship and developed techniques used to produce and ship an average 30 million shoes each year.
Design and sell custom shoes of the highest quality
  • Shoe profiles combine the latest technology with handcrafting expertise.

  • Insoles are carefully designed and made of organic cotton and leather.

  • Soles are designed and developed by the best technicians in the field.

Custom Sneakers – Discover Italian Crafting

YODDA By Tiago & Debora Fernandes

Ready to be the designer?
Start making and selling amazing shoe designs.

Your Own Collector's Edition Box
Your brand is so much more than just a custom shoe design. Boost your brand story with an amazing custom box, entirely handmade.
Sell shoes made in Italy, with your own shoe box design
Shoemaker services - create your handmade shoe box
Make your own shoes, we’ll ship them to your customers in custom, handmade box
Create your own shoes, and pick a shoe box for your brand
Design your own shoes, and ship them in handmade box
Ship your custom sneakers in specially designed box
Sell your customized shoes with custom designed boxes with Aliveshoes
Designer shoes made in Italy, shipped in handmade boxes
Custom made shoes, delivered in handmade shoe box
Italian shoes, made to order, delivered in a handmade box
  • Custom Sneakers – Discover Italian Crafting

    Magnetic clips

    Solid magnetic clips create amazing wow effects at each unboxing.
  • Custom Sneakers – Discover Italian Crafting

    Top quality paper

    Boxes feature fine gloss paper created in Fabriano, Italy.
  • Custom Sneakers – Discover Italian Crafting

    Fully customised print

    Brand your entire packaging for sleek and hyper-custom results.
Meet some of our mastercrafters
  • Shoes made in Italy - meet the team

    Francesco Pennesi

    “There is a magical atmosphere here in our crafting labs, which can't be described. That's what 'Made in Italy' is all about.”

  • Designer shoes - meet the Italian craftsmen

    Sandro Pennesi

    “Crafting a shoe is an act of passion, balance and technique. I have been a shoemaker since 1962 and have devoted my life to mastering those three skills.”

  • Italian shoes carefully crafted by our own team

    Liduina Girotti

    “Cutting leather is an art. You need perfect understanding of the material to know how to best cut it.”

SOUL 2 SOLE By Michelle Miller

What people are saying

I love them. The quality is better than what I expected and the fit is perfect! Very impressed with the box also!

Tokyo Wzc

The shoes are so well made, and the leather is very soft. You can see and feel the quality.

Donna Madronal

The stitching and materials used to create these magnificent shoes are amazing.

Hasan Yates

I cannot get over the quality of each shoe! It is unimaginable. It is precise, well put together and very crisp!

Patricia Pereira

The overall quality of the shoes are amazing; the craftsmanship that was put in is top notch.

Rj Santiago

Everything is perfect. The packaging is very classy. It exceeded my expectations.

Ahmad Almoalla

The shoes are superb! Very well crafted, including the box design. I am very impressed and pleased.


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