Join the future of
You can work for an established company and feel safe; or join a startup, and build the future.


Welcome to the era of shared resources and infinite possibilities, all thanks to the Internet. Welcome to a world where younger generations are making a living expressing themselves online while slowly shaping a new society, a new way of living, and a new way of working and connecting.

Acting in this ever-evolving environment as a company means to embrace change while also being an agent for change. At AliveShoes, we are transforming the roots of the fashion and footwear industry. Gone are the days when creating and selling high-level fashion was only for big brands or industry insiders.


Fashion is an amazing medium of expression, and we are curious to see a world where millions of creators can contribute and spread new, great products to the masses. That’s why AliveShoes is removing barriers and giving the key that unlocks the footwear industry to the people. We don’t like jargon, but this is what Fashion 2.0 is all about.


Thanks to our powerful online platform, our top-notch supply chain network in Italy, and our deep tech and footwear knowledge, AliveShoes is opening new possibilities to start and launch a professional shoe line to anybody equipped with the right blend of motivation and creative talent.


We want to give creators the ability to create all kind of design and fashion products in the future, in addition to shoes. We are not talking crappy t-shirts or boring mugs here. We mean unique, sophisticated, Italian-made design and fashion products: clothing, bags, fashion accessories, jewelry, sunglasses, leather objects, and more.


We are looking for top talent to join our mission and accelerate the evolution of the fashion industry into something more open and accessible to all individuals.

We are looking for talent in the industries of Software Development, Data Science, Machine Learning, Graphic design, Footwear Development, Fashion Design, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Customer Service, Photography, Content Creation, Community Management, Talent Management, Marketing, Copywriting, Business Development, Public relations, and more.

We are looking for talent in the industries of:

Software Development;
Data Science;
Machine Learning;
Graphic design;
Footwear Development;
Fashion Design;
Supply Chain Management;
Customer Service;
Content Creation;
Community Management;
Talent Management;
Business Development;
Public relations;
and more.

But beyond that, we are seeking builders. Builders are those people that see the world as a changing thing, that can be molded, shaped, improved; they are motivated and ready to get their hands dirty.

The AliveShoes Culture
  • We like to work hard

    Working hard means being passionate about what you do and always striving to go beyond what has already been done.
  • Cash and equity are important

    Freedom comes with cash; dreams come with equity. Work at AliveShoes, and you’ll receive both.
  • We believe in big goals and bold results

    The world is full of noise; you only stand out when you commit to something bold and meaningful.
  • We are a global company

    Because the Internet is everywhere, countries have become obsolete. It’s why AliveShoes has been global from day one.
  • We love flexibility

    AliveShoes staff work from home, from our offices or when roaming around the world.
  • We like diversity and balance

    Shoes and technology attracts a great variety of people. AliveShoes welcomes talents from all genders and races.