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A10s- Epic Edition brand was recently featured on Vogue, the most prestigious fashion magazine in the world.

It’s another exclusive project published in a world-class magazine thanks to the PR Boost service by the AliveShoes team.

Our team aims to make designs from the AliveShoes platform visible in the most important national and international fashion magazines and the most popular influencers.

A10s- Epic Edition has appeared on Vogue magazine

Photos created by the brand’s designer were the background for the sections of the online magazine.

Specific banner featuring the shoes’ design appeared in the week’s most important articles.

In the magazine’s main sections, there were vertical banners featuring the brand and the shoe photos.


About the A10s- Epic Edition brand

The A10s -Epic Editions were born from a collaboration between creator Antonio Holloman, and Mr. David Liciaga, VP of Business Development for Epic Trading International. The goal was to create a shoe that spoke to the uniqueness of what Epic brings to the Forex education space, but also highlighted the personality of The Jetlyfe Brand. This collaboration was not only able to do just that, but it turned a lot of heads in the process. The JetLyfe brand is about enjoying life to its fullest. Facing challenges head on. Its about finding your freedom, overcoming obstacles, and soaring to new heights. The A10s - Epic Edition was a chance to embody that in a new, bold, and beautiful way. The gold crocodile leather was a representation of toughness, but beauty. The black suede represented a softer side of toughness, and of course, there are few things tougher than leather.

An idea and design created by Antonio Holloman

Antonio Holloman is a designer from Baltimore, Md who has been designing been designing with Aliveshoes for just over a year. He is a graduate of Morgan State University with a B.S. in Business Administration, while currently pursuing his MBA with a concentration in Social Media Marketing, and seeks to be the evidence of what overcoming adversity looks like. Antonio has survived two attempts on his life while growing up in Baltimore, and even bounced back from a sudden heart failure in March of 2020, and still managed to pick up life where it was paused. This is what he says his brand, The JetLyfe is all about.