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HRG SHOE COLLECTION is a brand boost capsule collection exclusively made with designer Harold Gray, upon reaching 50+ sales through the main AliveShoes platform.

Brand boost lets you create a new capsule collection starting from your own sketches; it also includes a professional photoshoot and a set-up of an independent e-shop dedicated to the collection.

Harold Gray, from America. He is an Entrepreneur and fashion designer. Quality Time with family, memorable trips, having that good life and time are his drivers.

Having studied business and economics, it was always clear to Harold that starting up his own business was the way to go. With his profound adoration and knowledge of the fashion industry, he combined both business and fashion to develop the HRG Collection.

The meaning of HRG Collection Immaculate's the aim of striving for Greatness as it is important to Harold for people to express their individuality and lead their own version of Greatness whether it conforms to popular trends or not.

Presented in 3 iconic design patterns, HRG Shoes collection for the fashion lovers. A daily reminder to achieve greatness in every moment and implement One Great Habit At A Time! The capsule collection is a masterpiece of style and uniqueness.

Each design is meticulously constructed by a skilled network of selected Italian artisans, there are no finer hands in the field. Shoes were made in our artisan shops with extreme care and perfect crafting.


The "Brand Boost" took about 6 weeks to complete:

In a first phase the designer went from sketching, moodboarding and defining marketing/branding details with us up until the creation of the final prototypes, carefully made by the AliveShoes Footwear team. In a second phase a complete professional photoshoot was realized with our photography team; and finally a fully-functional independent branded shop page was launched:

Get to 50 total sales and benefit of the Brand Boost FOR FREE

Reach 50 total sales with your custom shoes and access our elite shoe development network in Italy for a boost in branding, design and marketing. Develop an entire capsule collection based on your sketches and ideas. Create a completely independent and stunning e-commerce presence separate from AliveShoes main platform. Further develop your line's branding, image and photography, and showcase to our international partners. Learn more bout brand boost here