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CP LTC WCWST brand by Charles St Preuve was recently featured on Vanity Fair, the most prestigious fashion magazine in the world.

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CP LTC WCWST has appeared in Vanity Fair's newsletters

The newsletter was sent to thousands of Vanity Fair readers, all passionate about fashion, lifestyle and new trends.

CP LTC WCWST''s sneakers were featured at full page and as the main and only content of the newsletter.

Indeed great visibility for the brand and for the specific design.


About the CP LTC WCWST brand

CP LTC WCWST is a brand dedicated to selling immaculate, handmade shoes exclusively of the Charlot Preuve collection. At Charlot Preuve, we put a strong emphasis on luxury, quality and usefulness of our sneakers over other factors. Charlot Preuve shoes are structured around elegance, versatility, and uniqueness. Our shoes can be worn with casual & flashy clothing, or a suit. The Louver or the LTC were named after Toussaint Louverture, The General who led Haitians to victory over the French known as the Haitian Revolution. This sneaker was created to remember the perpetuating fight for freedom, independence, and the everyday walk of life for everyone and anyone that struggle to live.

An idea and design created by Charles St Preuve

Charles St Preuve is an entrepreneur with high hopes to become a philanthropist and an investor for humanitarian efforts across the globe. He realized that society does not help their own people enough to eradicate poverty and lack of education. He is currently studying sociology & anthropology to have a clearer understanding of who to approach and needs help around the world.