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DANILUCHI brand was recently published in the online version of Vanity Fair magazine, an undisputed leader in fashion and lifestyle.

It's an important goal of the AliveShoes PR Boost team, to connect the best designers on the AliveShoes platform with the most important media in international fashion and the most popular influencers.

DANILUCHI appeared all over Vanity Fair's website for an entire week

Photographic material and banners were published on a fashion magazine of undisputed level as Vanity Fair.

Photos of the designer of the brand were the background for the music section of the magazine.

Specific banners featuring the shoes’ design—vertical and horizontal—appeared in the most important articles of the week.

The weeklong appearances provided great visibility for the brand.


About the brand and style of DANILUCHI

DANILUCHI for the SOPHISTICATED|CHIC|UNIQUE. DANILUCHI shoes are made of the highest quality Italian leather. The craftsmanship is impeccable. This stylish unisex high-top sneaker pays ode to the classics from the 90's. The silver metallic sole is eye catching. You can rock these kicks in red or grey.

An Idea and a Design by Luchina Danielle

Luchina Danielle has always been passionate about all things fashion. She got her sense of style from her mother who always wore the latest trends, especially shoes. Luchina is a model, actress and owner of Lucy Productions LLC an event promotion, production and model management company. She embarked in the world of shoe design as a way to express her style and creativity.