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A fashion city must be an object of inspiration for professionals based there, active, lively, strong, unique subculture, which can inspire not only fashion professionals, but also people in the city, transforming the style and culture of road in essential features.

This mix of fashion, business, entertainment, culture and leisure makes a city attractive and internationally recognized as fashion centers for their unique and strong identity, differentiate themselves due to specific characteristics.

Traditionally there are four major fashion capitals, known as the "big four". London, Milan, New York City, and Paris, however, there is also another two cities that can respond to all the characteristics that a fashion capital must have and we are talking about the capital of Japan, Tokyo and the capital of South Korea, Seoul. In fact the research conducted by the Ifdaq Global Cities Consumer Ipx for Vogue Business gives us an overview of the role of fashion capitals over the next 5 years.

The study shows us how London has been heavily penalized by Brexit, thus giving an advantage to a city like Paris, but above all that the domination of the 4 fashion capitals by autonomy seems destined to end. In fact, according to the index, in 2030 the cities that we have come to know as fashion hubs will find themselves giving way to cities like Tokyo, Shanghai or Moscow.

Tokyo is a really fascinating capital, a metropolis known for design, cuisine and fashion, among sleeping cherry trees and daring skyscrapers.  The capital where shopping is a national sport and spring is expected to see the first cherry blossom.The "visvism" brand was born in Tokyo in 2000 by Hiroki Nakamura, certainly one of the most famous Japanese clothing brands in the world, which draws inspiration from the world of skateboarding and various cultures around the world.


The extra edge of Korea

It is not among the finalists for the name of "Capital of fashion", but Seoul is a city that still represents a breath of fresh air and lightness. K-pop. k-drama, k-beauty and now also k-fashion, Korea also enters the world market with a series of brands that are sold out everywhere, such as "Gentle Monster", a luxury eyewear brand famous for its highly experimental lenses. The brand is having a lot of success also thanks to one of the members of the famous Korean band BTS, Jeon Jungkook.

Get inspired by your own capital

All big cities have their own fashion style, like Tokyo and Seoul many other cities in the world, like New York City, London, Milan, Paris, Berlin, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Miami, Dubai, and many more have their own unique fashion flair and their own style. Wherever you are in the world get inspired by your city and use that inspiration to create your own shoe line. Contribute to the creative group of your city and develop your own fashion.