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2022 is the year of revenge, of rebirth and why not also of the return of some trends that have made history. Let's not miss the opportunity to choose the perfect outfit for every occasion and stay informed about the most popular products and those that are reborn.

The Mary Jane shoes are back in the spring summer 2022 shoe trends, born long ago as children's shoes and "discovered" by Coco Chanel in the 1920s. We find them with the same characteristics of the past, the bon ton and very feminine air, reinterpreted, however, with unprecedented details.

The most important novelty is the plateau, which we find in many of the coolest versions worn by influncers. Without forgetting the variants with low heels and round and square toe, suitable for any occasion.

The originality of the bell heel is something that strikes the most, if you try to amaze: a heel in which the support surface is wider, much appreciated by celebrities from all over the world: Chiara Ferragni, Rihanna and Hailey wore it Bieber.

One of the advantages of this type of shoes is certainly the comfort and many designers have proposed it on the catwalks in many different versions: from the most vertiginous models to the classic décolleté, up to the sneaker-like model.

Sneakers fans, report! The year is now in full swing, and it's time to find out which are the coolest men's sneakers of 2022 to focus on. Especially in view of the summer: a new pair of sneakers is the # 1 style ally for all cool guys.

A shoe can say everything, it can communicate who we are, our personality, you just need to choose the right shoe.


The Spring 2022 fashion shoe trends tell us about strong personalities

The truth is that the fashion system has rolled up its sleeves to support Ukraine: in addition to the initiatives already launched by the brands, we could not help but notice looks with a strong political value on the streets of Paris, where many it- girls are wearing Ukrainian flag colors. Making it a call for peace. The Spring 2022 fashion shoe trends tell us about strong personalities. They do it through the extra-chunky soles of platform sandals, through high-legged boots (which we will stop wearing soon, after the spring season is over), and also through well-accentuated heels and toes.

AliveShoes allows you to create your own "street" trend

The street style look, street fashion, is a street look that is born in big cities. This fashion style is young, embraced by tons of boys and girls. Street style fashion in recent years has evolved to the point of mixing the street look with fashion, inserting different fashion items inside. AliveShoes allows you to create your own "street" trend that could make a difference. Contemporary street style outfit in trend with fashion, unique and in tune with current trends.