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God Got Me brand by Stephanie Bruner appeared on ICON-EL PAÍS magazine, the n.1 men's magazine for the spanish-speaking community in the world.

The feature on ICON-ELPAIS is another great achievement for the AliveShoes PR Boost team, whose goal is to bring our designers’ shoes to the attention of international magazines.

God Got Me shoe brand appeared all over ICON-EL PAIS magazine

Photographic material and banners have been published on ICON magazine, considered one of the most prestigious magazines in the men's fashion world.

Photos from the brand’s designer were the background for all sections of the online magazine.

Specific banners featuring the shoes’ design appeared in the most important articles of the week.

The weeklong appearances provided great visibility for the brand.


About God Got Me shoe brand

God Got Me is a unique classic Santa Claus red and black high-top sneaker. This custom sneaker is handmade by master Italian craftsman from pristine Italian leather. Each designer pair is a one-of-a-kind, combining handcrafting tradition, quality and modern style for a sneaker that’s perfectly Italian. This Limited- Edition sneaker is 100% Italian leather, Italian canvas, with details in leather, natural cotton laces and metal reinforced eyelets. The logo is featured on the side of the shoe, surrounded by leather inserts. Packaged in a completely custom and top-quality collector’s edition box featuring amazing print quality, handmade Italian construction and a solid magnetic clip. This design piece adds great value to an already exclusive pair of custom-made sneakers.

About Stephanie Bruner

Stephanie Bruner has always loved shoes, especially sneakers. In July 2021 she was in a two-week coma on medical visits her staff told her parents it would be a miracle if I made it through the night. It was then that God said to stand back, watch me work and brought me back life! God gave me a second chance at life, all the honor goes to him! It is his grace, miracle and golden son! Now, let me introduce you, the SNEAKER QUEEN!!!