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Grit shoe line, by Delsue Frankson, led to an appearance on Elle magazine, an undisputed leader woman's fashion. Elle is a French magazine founded by Pierre Lazareff and his wife Hélène Gordon-Lazareff in 1945.

The creativity behind the brand focuses on Art, style, and uniqueness. The feature on Elle magazine is another great achievement for the AliveShoes PR Boost team.

Grit  shoes appeared all over Elle's website for an entire week

Photographic material and banners have been published on Elle magazine, considered one of the most prestigious magazines in the woman's fashion world.

Photos from the brand’s designer were the background for all sections of the online magazine.

Specific banners featuring the shoes’ design appeared in the most important articles of the week.

The weeklong appearances provided great visibility for the brand.


About the brand and style of Grit

Got Grit? Grit: courage and resolve; strength of character. Grit helping you to keep moving in confidence and comfort until your day is done. Grit is designed for individuals who have unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger. They are determined to reach their destiny despite difficulty. They don't give up or stop when they are tired. They stop when they are done. Grit will allow you to keep it moving in comfort until your day is done.

About Delsue Frankson

Delsue Frankson's love for the fashion industry began as a teenager when she used to be a model for Studio Models in Boca Raton, Florida. She has experience in freeze modeling and promotional modeling. Before there were manikins there were freeze models. She enjoyed helping various stores headline their seasonal collections. She also helped Studio Models land new talent through marketing by promotional modeling.