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Truth is a creative product—in this case, a shoe—doesn’t emerge from an immaterial process involving just the imagination of a genius designer. Instead, it results from a network involving many persons, processes and materials. Consequently, relying on an organized structure like Alive Shoes  is great for every creative mind. Indeed, not only does it improve the efficacy and the efficiency of the production process, but it also lets you focus on the creative task, dealing with the fun stuff while delegating the hard tasks.

You just need to remember to enjoy all the steps of the creative process and follow your creativity.

Here is our AliveShoes Master Guide, make sure you have it in your hands.

You'll find it online here , in a beautiful pdf format.

The guide has been accurately made by the team with the help of plenty of successful designers that already achieved great goals using the platform. It really contains all the secrets on how to master AliveShoes.

We recommend you to read it fully and follow it as a bible! It has truly all the steps you have to do to succeed.


Don’t limit your creativity!

When it comes to create your own shoe-line, don’t limit your creativity to the product! Marketing promotion demands for consistency in branding and packaging. Indeed, these are vital elements that help foster brand recognition and make you stand out from the crowd. A consistent brand image, with a focus on the logo, establishes credibility and it sparks interest from consumers. Additionally, the packaging represents an opportunity to “wow” the customer. Opening your shoebox could be a proper experience if you create a customized eye-catching exterior packaging design.

Show it off on Instagram

With Instagram your show-line can travel across the world and reach new customers. You don’t need to have millions of followers, you just need to bring your creative and unique perspective to their personal style. To do so, the most effective way is to produce and post high-quality content. Not only must your pictures be high resolution, but they must fit into your brand image and tell a story that makes your personality pop. Sharing pictures wearing something created by you is a bold statement that could influence and inspire other people.