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Hera brand by  Ahmed Hamdan was recently featured on Vanity Fair, the most prestigious fashion magazine in the world.

It’s another exclusive project published in a world-class magazine thanks to the PR Boost service by the AliveShoes team. 

Our team aims to make designs from the AliveShoes platform visible in the most important national and international fashion magazines and the most popular influencers.

Hera  has appeared in Vanity Fair's newsletters

The newsletter was sent to thousands of Vanity Fair readers, all passionate about fashion, lifestyle and new trends.

Hera's sneakers were featured at full page and as the main and only content of the newsletter.Indeed great visibility for the brand and for the specific design.


About the Hera brand

Hera is where The Kings decided to kick it up a notch and bring a powerful, simple yet sexy Heels to empower all the women around the world. Here The Kings showed that royalty can't be complete without our Queens. The Kings designed Hera for empowering women all around the world, the heels has a powerful and rare look that makes every girl that wears feel like Hera the godess of Beauty.

An idea and design created by Ahmed Hamdan

My name is Ahmed Hamdan and i was born in an envirnoment that doesn't have the potential of pursing my passion for shoes. So i moved out and despite the hard waves of life, i've still managed to launch my brand The Kings and working on improving to reform the footwear industry.