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From 50 Cent to Rihanna, via Eminem and Kanye West. The world of dance and Hip-Hop in particular, have always loved the sneaker in all its features.

An almost obsessed, indissoluble relationship. Since Hip-Hop was born, great importance has always been given to clothing and shoes, so much so that over the years there have been many artists who have influenced the sneaker game.

"Fresh Dressed," a documentary presented on Netflix, chronicled this very passion for shoe culture by major international artists.

As for the athletes, engaged in the most representative sports, even the most famous multinationals compete to grab the top rapper with whom to establish collaborations.

Some companies, even come to put on sale exclusive sneakers worn by well-known characters, related to the world of Hip-Hop.

If you also love Hip-Hop music, you cannot fail to take care of your sneakers too.


Air Force 1 and Hip-Hop

Hip hop has served as a vehicle for some of the most recognizable trends in fashion. The Air Force 1 has always been one of hip-hop's favorite sneakers. Like Run DMC with "My Adidas", hip hop artist Nelly launched one of the greatest sneaker anthems of the early 2000s with his song "Air Force Ones". The Air Force 1 is a classic shoe for any sneakerhead's collection. With rappers like A $ AP Rocky and Travis Scott wearing the sneaker, it's no secret that the Air Force One will always be a staple shoe in hip hop. Footwear has always been a flex in hip hop and sneaker culture has intertwined with his music and style.

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