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When we hear about Z Generation what exactly are we talking about? Z Generation is the generation following the millennials, including roughly all people born between 1996 and 2010, whose members are generally children of X Generation (1965-1980) and the last baby boomers (1946-1964).

Z Generation, a receptive, attentive, independent taget in critical thinking, capable of managing a massive continuous flow of information and, above all, very attentive to global positions and problems. Precisely because they know very well that they are the ones who have the future of the world in their hands.

Teenagers are in a phase of identity construction and use fashion and beauty both to talk about themselves and their own value, and to build membership in the group. The values ​​of Z Generation that define fashion purchasing behavior are positioned on the Self Importance axis.

Some define their identity by identifying with a brand that becomes their beacon, as in Balenciaga's Triple S and Trak sneakers.The ability to provide an identity to the new generation and, at the same time, to satisfy the niche of high fashion enthusiasts, potentially makes this brand in an increasingly powerful expansion process.

Balenciaga is a well-known Franco-Iberian high fashion brand, as it was born from the Spanish designer Cristòbal Balenciaga, but in France, exactly in Paris in 1917; thanks to the creative flair of his creator, Christian Dior defined him as "a master of all of us". Over the years the brand has evolved in a multifaceted way, ranging in all fields in which fashion has become the undisputed queen: clothing, perfumes, beauty, living and footwear; in the 2000s the brand left the niche of consumers of haute couture products, becoming the symbol of an entire generation.

The ability to show off haute couture as a badge belonging to a "cultural elite", in a daily outfit, is certainly the most popular feature.

Cristóbal Balenciaga was born on January 21, 1895 in Getaria, a small fishing town in the Spanish province of Gipuzkoa. and he spends his childhood helping his mother to sew. Learn to do it so well that you discover that for him it is a real passion and a talent, The fame of this new designer who redesigns the shape of women and creates clothes that make every silhouette beautiful spreads quickly. His reputation preceded him and in less than a year, in August 1937, he opened his first Parisian atelier in Avenue George V. He was the first to ignore the waistline and to design blouse shirts, tunic dresses, coats and egg-shaped clothes. He died on March 23, 1972 but his name and his style were recovered in 1986 and restored to the splendor that the memory of him deserves. And which today is entrusted to Demna Gvasalia.

A visionary, a couturier who has redefined the patterns of femininity, he has always been a source of inspiration for all designers. A true revolutionary able to go beyond the boundaries of fashion.


Balenciaga, a videogame to dialogue with Gen Z

Balenciaga presented in the collection for Autumn / Winter 2021 a video game set in the year 2031 entitled: 'Afterworld: the age of tomorrow'. What is certain is that the contamination between fashion and gaming is more and more frequent and tells the desire of fashion houses to speak to the generations that will represent an important part of their customers in the coming years. The collaboration led the brand to create a new line, inspired by the Fortnite theme, available in the Balenciaga stores. The boom in the video game industry also changes the rules for that of luxury.

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