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Kraken brand by Carlos Segarra designer was recently featured on GQ, one of the most prestigious fashion magazines in the world.

It’s another exclusive project published in a world-class magazine thanks to the PR Boost service by the AliveShoes team. 

Our team aims to make designs from the AliveShoes platform visible in the most important national and international fashion magazines and to other important influencers.

Kraken brand appeared on the GQ website for a week

Photos created by the brand were the background for the fashion, lifestyle and news sections of the online magazine.

Specific banner featuring the design appeared in the week’s most important articles.

In the magazine’s main sections, there were vertical banners featuring the brand and the shoe photos.


About the brand and style of Kraken

The Kraken Brand represents flexibility in all walks of life. Being a Jack Of All Trades and a Master of None. I don't feel people should limit their thinking or dreaming. The Kraken Lifestyle represents a group of dreamers and believers. The Kraken shoe was designed with the multi tasker in mind. When your mind is constantly working,your shoes keep you grounded.The colors are vibrant and powerful with Red and an Orange Suede stripe to add a taste of creativity.

About the man behind the brand: Carlos Segarra

Carlos Segarra comes from Oakland, California. He grew up in music and fashion and has loved both of them ever since I developed a love for Art in the process and has collected paintings for most of his career. He is an artist, an author with 6 books on Amazon with a strong belief that energy is everything. According to him, how you make people feel is the most important thing. He currently runs a recording studio in Las Vegas with music on all major platforms starting a new one #IfICouldChangeTheWorldChallenge is his target of him with his new single "Change The World". The Kraken is perhaps the largest monster ever imagined by mankind. What made it stand out were all the tentacles it had. Article it felt like limitless possibilities when you put your hands on multiple dishes until you became the largest.