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MCMeen shoe line, by Yasmeen Gerard, led to an appearance on Elle magazine, an undisputed leader woman's fashion.

Elle is a French magazine founded by Pierre Lazareff and his wife Hélène Gordon-Lazareff in 1945.

The creativity behind the brand focuses on Art, style, and uniqueness. The feature on Elle magazine is another great achievement for the AliveShoes PR Boost team.

MCMeen shoes appeared all over Elle's website for an entire week

Photographic material and banners have been published on Elle magazine, considered one of the most prestigious magazines in the woman's fashion world.

Photos from the brand’s designer were the background for all sections of the online magazine.

Specific banners featuring the shoes’ design appeared in the most important articles of the week.The weeklong appearances provided great visibility for the brand.


About the brand and style of MCMeen collection

MCMeen YELLOW BOTTOM COLORED SHOES> Yellow is the color of Sunshine's happiness and optimism. Yellow is a Cheerful and energy color that brings fun and joy to the world. The Color yellow physically makes learning easier as it affects the logical part of the brain, stimulating mentality and perception. It inspires thought and curiosity and boosts Enthusiasm and confidence. The Color Yellow Symbolizes intellectuality as it affects the brain with clarity, and inspires bright minds who amuses the sun's energy. That brings positive warmth towards the creativity of the mind. The Colored bottom shoes will be designed in three different positive colors. YELLOW, PURPLE, & FUSCHIA. Greetings Brothers & Sisters MIMEEN The shoe company has a great selection of designs to spread awareness, From all walks of life to thrive & survive.

About the Yasmeen Gerard

MiMeen Shoe company has one goal in mind: To Inspire people from all walks of life to thrive by providing Equal awareness For all Survivors. With high-quality, vegan material handcrafted in Italy selling in a smart, and reliable online store. My passion for fashion will never die as I come from a family full of black excellence creators so its genetics has driven me/us from the beginning, and continues to thrive into the future. We know that every product counts, as I design its stories, and strive to make the entire shopping experience as rewarding as possible.