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Monti Parrish is a unique footwear brand coming from an extremely talented and designer from America, Montez Brown-mobley.

The shoes were featured by fashion and lifestyle Influencer milanshefer, from Germany to the world. I

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Monti Parrish brand published by milanshefer, fashion and style expert  

The shoes were featured on the Instagram page and personal blog page of milanshefer with thousands of likes and comments:

A personal photographic blitz of the shoes was made by the fashion blogger, an expert in style.

These are his words about the shoe and the brand: "Let’s rock this Week 🚀Wearing my new "MONTI PARRISH" sneakers by Montez Brown-mobley ! Get this limited amazing pair of sneakers here link:".

The appearance on social media and on the blog provided great visibility for the brand and was also a style statement.


About the brand and style of Monti Parrish

Monti Parrish is a brand that brings luxury and street together. From the mind of recording artist Montez “Young Tez” Brown-Mobley you’ll get passion.The designer has always been a lover of shoes since he could remember and as he got older several things about shoes intrigued him. The style, the colors, the feel of the materials used to make them, effort put into making them and making them to last, all of these things are behind the Monti Parrish brand. The Monti Parrish shoes will be shoes you can envision your favorite, recording artist, actor/ actress, and or model wearing. What's special about them is that they will be at the fingertips of those who may not be able to afford the best things in life, but can enjoy a piece of the pie.

About Montez Brown-mobley

Artist and videographer Montez "Young Tez" Brown-Mobley (Chicago, IL), has had a long journey climbing from the bottom to the top in the music industry. He has worked alongside many mainstream artists on and off the stage. From opening up for Platinum recording artist Twista (2008-2009), being recognized by Christina Milian, Styles P, Keri Hilson, Lupe Fiasco, & more, to flying back and forth to Los Angeles, CA and Oakland, CA (2011-2014), he has made a mark in the industry. Landing a write up in 2014 XXL Freshman Class edition also opened doors and bridged gaps for this MC. Follow and build with him on his everlasting journey.