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N.A.M.E is a unique footwear brand coming from an extremely talented and designer from Spain, ALBERTO SÁNCHEZ.

The shoes were featured by fashion and lifestyle Influencer alberto.94, from Spain to the world. 

It’s another exclusive project published thanks to the PR Boost service by the AliveShoes team.

N.A.M.E brand published by alberto.94, fashion and style expert  

The shoes were featured on the Instagram page and personal blog page of alberto.94 with thousands of likes and comments: https://www.instagram.com/p/CP_ADc3BwPu/ 

A personal photographic blitz of the shoes was made by the fashion blogger, an expert in style.

These are his words about the shoe and the brand: "Cool summer look with the incredible design by Lamarr Neal a limited and unique shoe called N.A.M.E check it out at https://www.aliveshoes.com/name-48"

The appearance on social media and on the blog provided great visibility for the brand and was also a style statement.


About the brand and style of N.A.M.E

N A M E shoes offers a wide variety of styles and colors that can be worn to enhance your own personal style. Each shoe is thought out carefully, and has it's very own custom touch. We love, no we take pride in seeing our peers enjoy there product. That's why we allow our peers to influence our decision when it comes to choosing color patterns and schemes. When we say each shoe is custom, and unique in its own way, that's exactly what we mean. N A M E is not just another brand It's N A M E brand.

About Lamarr Neal

Lamarr M. Neal. he is the second child of 7 siblings born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. As a boy, he has always stood out as the odd ball for his creative ability to entertain himself and others around him. He once experienced travel in young age and being on stage seeing all the happy friendly faces, he knew that was what he wanted. So, from 9 to Tenth grade was his target. high school of the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences; is where he was introduced the Science Club of which he became president. Like running and running a business. He later joined a group of friends in high school and hs sworn in under the Phi Chi Psy fraternity, and have begun their step to go and compete with other schools. Immediately after high school he was accepted to Westwood College in Chicago, Illinois, where his course is study was visual communication. That's where he found his passion for graphics, because he is all his life grew up around art.