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There isn’t a secret formula for success in shoe design. If you are talented and determined, success can come at any moment of your life. You just need to step into the arena and take the risk.

The right education it’s clearly useful, but it is not an entry boundary, as long as you nurture your passion and practice your skills. Make plans, have goals and work toward them, but don't get down when an inevitable setback comes along. Just learn from it and move forward.

Also, don’t forget that networking is the lifeblood of the fashion industry. Developing your social and professional network helps you spread the word and gives you access to possibilities that you can’t even imagine. Get in touch with other designers and entrepreneurs, along with suppliers, manufacturers and retailers.

To this attempt, think about moving to the hottest cities of the fashion world such as Milan, Paris, London and NY. Once there, it would be much easier reaching out to the people of the industry and you would be closer to the life you dream of.

In case you would need one more proof of your talent for shoe designing, here are ten signals it is worth taking the risk:

1. You got the eye. You have good taste in any aspect of life.

2. You got a great sense of style. You can recognize what’s good and what’s not at first glance.

3. You are obsessed with materials and colors combination when buying shoes, clothes, accessories and more.

4. You got great knowledge of current fashion trends and you always anticipate the next big hit.

5. When traveling, you always go window-shopping for shoes to spot trends and look for local brands.

6. You can’t help looking at people’s feet and you can tell people’s personality from their shoes.

7. You observe other designer's shoes thinking about how you would improve them and which insights you can get.

8. You always find time for getting updated about fashion and working on your ideas.

9. You are always willing to get your hands dirty and create something new.

10. You’ve always dreamt about launching your own shoes line.


Just do it!

If you can picture yourself in this list, it’s clear you got the sparkle. Shoe designing is definitely what you love and you should hold on to this. Stop dreaming or analyzing the pros and cons of launching your shoe-line. Just do it. Don’t be afraid of taking some risks. Instead, focus on the many opportunities that lie on the other side. Starting your own line is the necessary first step to make your dream come true and become a great shoe designer. It’s time to take charge of your own career success!

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