Off-white: the most successful collaboration between Italy and the USA in recent years by the genius of Virgil Abloh

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If we dwell on what has happened in recent years in the fashion sector and ask ourselves which could be the most successful brand in Italy and the US, what would the answer be? Undoubtedly Off-white, established itself as one of the first brands allocated between urban culture and high fashion, famous in the field of streetwear and acclaimed all over the world.

But who is behind this brand? 

The answer is : Virgil Abloh with His flexibility and innate ability to be multifaceted, adapting perfectly to all the situations he is called to face, and the design and manufacturing geniuses at New Guards Group, based out of Milan, Italy.   Off-White brand was born in 2012 with headquarters in Milan, as a work of art entitled "Pyrex Vision" and since 2013 the brand has become a male and female label. In 2015 his creations were shown for the first time during Paris Fashion Week.

The irreverent style of the products and the collaborations with fashion giants such as Moncler, Nike, Timberland have made it a real point of reference for the Millennial generation.The idea of ​​him has often depopulated. Not only thanks to an obsessive attention to detail and an entirely Made in Italy production but also thanks to various collaborations with important brands, which have made it possible to combine the world of haute couture with the "Hype" one.Today Off-White is part of the Italian company NGG (New Guards Group) founded by Claudio Antonioli, Davide De Giglio and Marcelo Burlon and, recently, acquired by Farfetch, the French online sales giant.


Who is Virgil Abloh?

Abloh was born on September 30, 1980 in Rackford, Illinois, the son of immigrants from Ghana. After finishing high school in a Catholic school, he attended Madison University in Wisconsin where he graduated in civil engineering and in 2006 took his
Masters in Architecture at the Technological Institute of Illinois (IIT), remaining influenced by the style of the architect Mies van der Roche. . During these years his passion for design grows: he starts designing t-shirts and writing for the famous
blog The Brilliance. Today Virgil Abloh, who in 2018 was included by Time magazine among the 100 most influential figures in the world, is the Creative Director of the Louis Vuitton men's fashion line. His unmistakable style has also been brought
to the French maison, where he has managed to break some old rules and stereotypes.

The extraordinary power of Italy+USA collaborations

Off-white has revolutionized the current market and devised ever more innovative projects thanks to mixing up 2 of the most powerful forces in fashion: Made in Italy and Streetwear culture. This way the brand became appealing to both markets and proceeded to become a massive success. At AliveShoes we everyday foster this collaborations within our incredible made in Italy and design firepower and the creativity and vision of designers in the USA and all over the world. Time to foster your own opportunity to become the next Off-White.