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Ohio Millionaire brand was recently featured on Vogue, the most prestigious fashion magazine in the world.

It’s another exclusive project published in a world-class magazine thanks to the PR Boost service by the AliveShoes team.

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Ohio Millionaire has appeared in Vogue's newsletters

The newsletter was sent to thousands of Vogue readers, all passionate about fashion, lifestyle and new trends.

Ohio Millionaire's sneakers were featured at full page and as the main and only content of the newsletter.

Indeed great visibility for the brand and for the specific design.


About the Ohio Millionaire brand

I'm a dancer in Columbus, OH. that really has a passion for the urban culture, dance, and art. I wanted to design a shoe that people felt great wearing like they were wearing Jordans, Balenciagas, and more but really highlight the urban arts. A lot of industries tend to look down on the artistic and dance culture and/or don't really value the talent that's presented. I would like to change that and encourage all artists whether you're a dancer, singer, painter, or anything else to have a millionaire mindset and think big! I believe with this creativity I have and drive for dance, we can identify a new level of fashion and enlightenment. #WalkWealthy. I wanted to create something that really captivates the urban arts and dance which is one of the many reasons I decided to develop Ohio Millionaire! I see everywhere how artists of all kinds are over looked or underpaid when they have extraordinary talent by organizations.

An idea and design created by Cameron Stuart

My name is Cameron "Flash" Stuart and I've been dancing for about 11 years now. I have a big passion for art in all forms but my calling is dance! I've won many dance battles in and out of state, performed for and have been recognize by various artists such as John Legend, Lecrae, Tedashii, Andy Mineo, and more! I love having a good time and really getting creative with friends and family whether we're designing a business or playing games.