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PICTURE ME ROLLIN' brand by Dorian Baham appeared on ICON-EL PAÍS magazine, the n.1 men's magazine for the spanish-speaking community in the world.

The feature on ICON-EL PAÍS is another great achievement for the AliveShoes PR Boost team, whose goal is to bring our designers’ shoes to the attention of international magazines.

PICTURE ME ROLLIN' shoe brand appeared all over ICON-EL PAIS magazine

Photographic material and banners have been published on  ICON-EL PAÍS magazine, considered one of the most prestigious magazines in the men's fashion world.

Photos from the brand’s designer were the background for all sections of the online magazine.

Specific banners featuring the shoes’ design appeared in the most important articles of the week.

The weeklong appearances provided great visibility for the brand.


About PICTURE ME ROLLIN' shoe brand

PMR shoes were created in the memory of the designer's Mother whom passed away due to Covid19 and started an empire named PICTURE ME ROLLIN' in which has been a Pilar to the community of New Orleans, La. that still exists. The designer wanted to share what it has taken to walk the journey and in the shoes of all PMR affiliates. She believes that the spirit of her Mother's creative mind and hustle could move through her footwork to keep people who's battling new moves in their lives encouraged in every step of their way towards marking memories and changing generational norms. Her shoe creation symbolizes the push forward many desire and need. Red is the signature color that will travel throughout every design. It symbolizes the love the P.M.R. has given and received within the 26 year existence thus far. 

About the Dorian Baham

Dorian Baham is an entrepreneur who owns a hairdressing salon. She is a self-improvement book author, philanthropist and Barber Ambassador for the city of New Orleans. She is an actress starring in an upcoming TV series on a new network and also starring in a play that will go on tour in January 2022. She Now she adds shoe design to her resume and she also owns a company of consulting firm in Atlanta, Georgia. She is originally from New Orleans, LA. where Picture Me Rollin 'was born.