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Quito Carib brand was recently published in the online version of Vanity Fair magazine, an undisputed leader in fashion and lifestyle.

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Quito carib appeared all over Vanity Fair's website for an entire week

Photographic material and banners were published on a fashion magazine of undisputed level as Vanity Fair.

Photos of the designer of the brand were the background for the music section of the magazine.

Specific banners featuring the shoes’ design—vertical and horizontal—appeared in the most important articles of the week.

The weeklong appearances provided great visibility for the brand.


About the brand and style of Quito Carib

M.Ramirez-DeHeywood, Quito Carib designer footwear is art and fashion put into a funky-exotic mix, shaken and stirred, sprinkle with, its got that thing, and magic! You have designs that have made it to the pages of Vogue Italia, El Pais ICON, and GQ Italia magazines. His combinations and smooth transitions come across clean and artsy. This is not your regular guy footwear. This is fashionista wear at its best! The new Italia Icee Line make the statement, "who said you can't run in style?"

An Idea and a Design by M Ramirez Deheywood

M.Ramirez-DeHeywood, also known to music insiders as S.Brooklyn aka Shorty Brooklyn. He has worked with many major music industry heads and made his start in the music industry working as an east-west coast liaison for Adam Levy, former label owner of Warlock/ Sony Red , and went on to make his name producing with his partners Lee Ford and Stan Sheppard on the west coast for Universal Music Group and Warner. M.Ramirez-DeHeywood, took his creative juices to crafting and designing high-end art for the foot. House Of Quito Carib is demonstrating just that with his Quito Carib Italian hand crafted custom limited edition designer footwear.