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Manolo Blahnik has been the reference point for shoe lovers from all over the world for 50 years.His shoes are priced in the hundreds to thousands of dollars.

However, high heels, laces, stitching, and other details are unique.Blahnik's goal was to create a space where everyone could feel more inspired every day.

Over time, ideas and projects have taken shape and given the brand universal popularity.

Sir Blahnik wished to specify: "It is essential that even those who cannot afford my shoes can have a connection with my style."

Manolo Blahnik owes part of his success, in part, to his collaboration with the sentimental comedy Sex and the City.

How can we forget Carrie Bradshaw's walk through the streets of New York in the successful TV series of the 90s?

The protagonist feels an immeasurable attraction towards shoes, which leads her to spend almost all of her wealth by 'investing' in the most significant object of her desire.

"Are you telling me that I spent $ 40,000 on shoes and I have nowhere to live? So I will reduce myself to living in my shoes ..." she says wryly during an episode of the show.

A strong and clear message, the Blahnik brand likes it and often just can't do without it.Not a simple TV series, but an actual cult program capable of influencing the tastes, habits, and aspirations of one or more generations.


Manolo Blahnik and the stroke of luck that changed his career

Perhaps not everyone knows that the designer struggled to establish himself in the fashion world before achieving so much success. Manolo Blahnik began to work as a designer in London, creating shoes for Zapata, a boutique in Chelsea Old Church Street. He started making men's shoes but soon turned towards women's shoes, much more stimulating for his inspiration. In 1973, he obtained a loan of about £ 2,000 without collateral, a stroke of luck for Blahnik, who did not miss the opportunity to invest the money he had just received and bought the boutique, in which he worked putting himself on his own. You already know the end of the story by now.

Ready for some Sex & the City in your life?

Everything that is fashion remains fashion over time, even after months, even after years ... And yes, style is forever, especially if we talk about them, they who taught us everything glamorous, they who have us made us love fashion, shoes, them, the four inseparable friends who made us laugh and dream.If you don't know where to start, you too are a fan of Carrie and want to create your shoe line and be successful like Manolo Blahnik; begin now with AliveShoes, which allows you to create your line of heeled or elegant shoes for men: