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Year after year, sneakers have slowly but surely taken over footwear (and also Fashion)

What was once a shoe worn only by athletes and sports fans has turned into a veritable zeitgeist of fashion.

And while heels, sandals, mules, and boots are all wardrobe must-haves this year, there's just something about 2021 sneaker trends that sets them apart from the rest

As sneakers have made their way smoothly into the fashion world, there are so many ways to shop for them.

Collaborations between luxury brands and brands or street artists are appreciated by the public at a transversal level.

Sneakers aren't just for training anymore, folks! They are a major style must, endorsed by all your favorite retailers, brands, and designers.

Start your sneakers brand and be amazed by how that can impact your creative life, and push you directly into the world of fashion.

Have you started yet?


Different types of sneakers

From futuristic vibes to a new take on vintage styles, there is so much to love about these trends. The original function aimed at sporting activity has been nearly removed over the years, making the sneakers more performing, and more aesthetically appealing. An example is the “chunky sneakers”, in their maxi size and the high and sturdy sole are established as an object of desire for fashion addicted and the new trend to wear on the feet.

Sneakers also mean Luxury (when creafted right)

Wearing casual clothing and in some cases, sportswear has become socially acceptable on formal occasions or events. The novelty of recent years is the couture sneakers, introduced a shoe that was considered anything but elegant until a decade ago. If the sneaker is handmade (in Italy) and encapsulates elaborate materials it is indeed considered luxury.