Even fashion, after the pandemic, will never be the same again.The health emergency has given a decisive turn to a world already projected towards a different future, thanks to digital and sustainability. Consumption and uses have been distorted and have forced fashion houses and designers to imagine an alternative future, even if now things seem to be returning to “normal”. After New York, it is Milan's turn to welcome Fashion Week 2021, with the usual busy calendar of fashion shows, finally back also in attendance, and exclusive events in the coolest places in the city.

Fashion has always been a captivating and seductive world. What is needed to successfully enter the industry is first and foremost a good dose of preparation and study, to be combined with apprenticeship and a lot of ambition.This sector is large and above all it’s global, therefore it requires an international vision, but what are the 3 fundamental things to remember to enter this crazy world on the right foot?

Always keep informed about the world of Fashion

Being up to date on what is happening in fashion in general is very important. This does not only mean looking at and keeping an eye on the collections and designs of your favorite designers, but also reading economic articles, knowing what happens when a maison changes its creative director, when it is listed on the stock market and so on. It is also very important to collect information of this type, to better understand how this less poetic part of this sector works. This will help tremendously to build up credibility with your current and future customers. They want to see you as a fashion leader and therefore someone who knows what's going on in the industry.

Maintain your online presence

It is essential to create and maintain your online presence. Personal branding is a fundamental strategy when working closely with people. Your e-commerce page, your IG, your TikTok, blog or Facebook, depending on how you are using social media for your brand.

Have a clear idea of ​​what you want to create

As we have already said, having clear ideas is vital. It’s essential to understand what kind of collection we want to create, with what style, which leathers, for which future customers etc. In this, Aliveshoes helps you enormously, offering you the possibility to choose between different types of materials, styles and designs. But at the end it is all about your vision and how you want to propel it to the world.


Practical advice

Create a blog and take advantage of your social channels: it is a great way to create a strong and varied network and to be known even outside your circle. When looking for opportunities, take advantage of everything the internet has to offer: use various search engines, follow the blogs of industry influencers, stay up to date by following the social networks of the industry gurus. It is also essential to follow the trends of the moment, start following the hot topics on social media and the various trends, reading articles or watching videos every day. This is also important because it will allow you to develop critical thinking about the industry and the goals you intend to achieve in the fashion industry. The world of fashion is very diverse and offers many possibilities. With commitment, dedication and desire to do, you can go very far. The important thing is not to remain idle waiting for the perfect opportunity. 

Go for it!

In particular, if you are doing your first experience like a fashion entrepreneur, don’t be afraid to throw yourself. TStart by taking the first step and learning on the go. Finding a mentor is also crucial, particularly in this industry, and Aliveshoes is not only a hassle-free way to start professionally in the industry but also your special mentor for your new fashion adventure. Make sure to use this opportunity at its full potential!