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The Marche Footwear District, also known as the Fermano-Maceratese Footwear District, has its nerve center in Sant’Elpidio a Mare, in the heart of the Marche region.

Home to the production of shoes of famous brands, this district represents the Made in Italy in the world as regards the handcrafted footwear.

This production area currently represents the largest concentration of handmade shoe companies for men and women in the Italian territory.
The district's origins can be traced back to the 14th century when there were already small shops limited to the production of classic shoes, destined for local markets.

To start talking about real industry, however, we have to wait for the first three decades of the 19th century, when in the municipalities of Montegranaro, Monte Urano, Monte San Giusto and Sant'Elpidio a Mare, began the production of the “chiochiere”, the famous cloth slippers or leather, without heel, with light pony skin sole.

The real turning point came in 1870 when the pedal machine for sewing uppers was introduced.

This innovation makes possible to extend the number of municipalities interested in the production of men's footwear, to include female labor within the production chain and to initiate an industrial reconversion capable of replacing the nails with cheaper shoes.

The turning point that began in the 19th century, however, also because of the two world wars, will materialize only in the 1960s with the beginning of the real industrial production of footwear. In this period the area is transformed into a unique industrial production centre, able to maintain the high quality standards typical of large-scale craftsmanship. It is also in these years that the Italian style of the shoe begins to make itself known in the world.

It is precisely in the Marche Footwear District that Aliveshoes shoes is born and produces handmade Italian shoes of the highest quality. The passion of our master craftsmen is visible in every seam, every detail and in every hand- glued sole.


What distinguishes "Made in Italy"?

What distinguishes "Made in Italy" from any other product is the ability to innovate while remaining faithful to artisanal processes, its history and its territoriality. Everything is then driven by a true passion for the craft, the ability to anticipate changes and create innovation, trying to increasingly orient the artisan vocation towards contemporary business culture.
Despite the inevitable advance of the industrial product, the Italian artisan shoe continues to have many lovers and admirers, since in an artisan workshop you will be guaranteed to see your dreams of perfection come true. It is the place par excellence where creativity and patience, taste and skill compete for a great game, the result of which is the testimony and continuation of a tradition that has made Italian "ars sutoria" famous all over the world.

Create the best quality shoes with AliveShoes

AliveShoes is the proof that the future and the past can and must coexist and that craftsmanship will never go out of style. What environment could therefore be better than the Marche hinterland to give birth to a shoe brand, in the same lands that saw the birth of many footwear companies? It is not just about fine leathers or workers: what makes the Marchigiano Shoe Factory District a world-famous pole is the unique and recognizable style.