The Italian fashion districts: Marche, Toscana, Veneto where the big brands from all over the world create masterpieces

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Thanks to the history of Italian know-how, the knowledge of its craftsmen, the ability of manual processing, the experience handed down from generation to generation, Italy can boast distinctive production districts.

Behind the great Italian fashion lies a multitude of small and medium-sized industrial companies, expression of the most qualified 'know-how', which make Italian fashion the pride of 'Made in Italy' all over the world.

The manufacturing excellences in which the best masterpieces are created, certainly in Italy, can be found in three specific regions: Marche, Tuscany and Veneto. Characterized by companies of artisan excellence, focusing focused on the production of leather products, from clothing to handbags and small leather goods to footwear.

Made in Italy owes its fame to the quality that characterizes Italian excellence: today, in fact, it continues to conquer markets all over the world, thanks to its craftsmanship, passion and attention to detail. Refined style, innovation, creativity and the ability to last over time are other elements at the basis of Italian fashion.

The prestigious Italian brands parade with their garments on the catwalks of all the fashion capitals, becoming a source of inspiration for many brands.

One of the objectives of the excellence of Italian luxury is to personalize the product towards the consumer: proximity to the latter has in fact also been achieved through the sharing of values, among which environmental sustainability stands out.

A second goal is to diversify Made in Italy, making it increasingly prestigious and, thanks to the success of the companies that produce luxury in Italy, this is possible.



They called it “Shoes Valley”, have you ever heard of it? It corresponds to the Marche Silicon Valley of shoes, territories in which the shoe is a monument to the productivity of an entire community. An entire supply chain is located in this place, leading from the production of the soles to those of the heels, passing through the hemming, to the finished shoe. There is a place in the Marche, Italy, where modern footwear was invented 100 years ago. It's called The Shoe Valley and it's the oldest and best shoe manufacturing district in the world since 1901. There are no finer hands in the field. A pole that represents the passion and dedication to the work of entrepreneurs from the Marche region. An entire community with its own precious identity and an ecosystem made up of skills and knowledge, the envy of the world.


Being part of AliveShoes as a designer gives you access to the magic of The Shoe Valley and Italian crafting. Thanks to AliveShoes, designers from all over the world can enjoy their collection totally made in Italy, without worrying about production and logistics. With a little creativity everyone can create a collection that will have the opportunity to position themselves in the fashion industry.  Our manufacturing process features extremely skilled techniques and careful reworking. Every pair of custom shoes is one-of-a-kind: combining handcrafting tradition, quality and modern style. AliveShoes are perfectly Italian: